[Article] 160906 BTS fan meeting "10 times larger than any regular event"

Earlier last June, French newspapers Le Monde wrote an article about a French high school girl who refused to take her graduation exam to attend K-Pop group BTS's concert. 

After hearing this I realized how fanatic European and other international fans from around the world are about Korea's idol group BTS.

 BTS is well known for having an exceptionally large number of international fans and this was proved by their many Asia and world tours until now. Recently the group confirmed their actual popularity power after their fan meeting ticket sale for global fanclub members.

BTS is the first idol group to hold premium fan meeting at Gocheok Dome and they opened two rounds of online sales targeting Global official fanclub A.R.M.Y 3rd members.

Tickets for fans with membership costed 33000 won whereas fans without membership had to pay 55000 won. During the pre-sale on 1st, only 70% of the total seats were available for fans with official membership but the site crashed and continued to face difficulties due to overloading. Despite all the difficulties 26600 tickets were sold out in less than 10 minutes. 

The remaining 30% were opened for sale on 5th at 8PM for the fans without the membership. The server kept crashing but in 15 minutes all tickets were sold out including the 4th floor seats. They had sold 38000 tickets in just 2 days. 

Gymnastic Stadium which can  accommodate 12000 audience wasn't enough for them. BTS chose to meet their global fans at Gocheok Dome (on November 12th and 13th) which can hold around 20000 fans and they have clearly proven their ticketing power.

Their average age is 22, seven member group BTS who is now on their 4th year recruited fanclub ARMY 1st in 2013. Following the 2nd fanmeet last year, the group is planning to hold their 3rd fan meet.

Their company is expecting to meet Korean fans and fans from Asia, Europe and other countries as well at BTS's Global Fan Meeting.

The company's staff stated, "The fanclub name "ARMY" means "military" and the fans picked this name because "Bangtan" (bulletproof) means to defend and they want to protect the group like an army.".

The staff also added, "BTS members are 20~25 years old so many of their fans are teenagers and in their 20s but they are also popular among 30s to early 40s.".

BTS is able to keep a strong bond with their fans because they communicate with them very closely.

BTS members keep their fans updated by frequently posting messages and pictures on their SNS. 

They share their concert experiences with the fans so the artists and fans both feel very close to each other.

Also, BTS proved themselves to be a talented group ever since their debut with their fierce and passionate performances and singing.

Members participate in creating songs while the rapper members like Suga and Rap Monster gained attention for writing lyrics and producing their album.

Their company stated, "We think many fans supported this fan meet because ever since their concert in May, fans didn't have many opportunities to meet BTS." and predicted "We are also expecting some international fans to attend the fan meeting to see BTS and also to visit Korea.".

Their company analyzed that fans wanted to meet BTS more due to the recent teasers hinting the release of group's second full album. 

 BTS grabbed their first win with "I NEED U" from "HYYH Pt. 1" which was released April last year and started receiving attention from their fans. After releasing "Part 2" in November last year, they entered the US Billboard charts with their title track "RUN" and soon became one of the top idol groups. 

BTS's popularity is certainly going to continue rising as they now have the best fandom in Korea.

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1. Seriously their popularity in other countries is overwhelming. God Bangtan +40 -0

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3. BTS is peerless abroad where companies don't have much influence. Their music is recognized internationally +23 -0

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