[Article] 160908 "Chuseok Special" survey shows middle and high school students wish to make songpyeon with BTS

T/N: Songpyeon is a type of rice cake traditionally eaten during Chuseok

"Chuseok" Survey conducted by SMART Uniform

The phrase you want to hear the most on Chuseok?

52% "You need more allowance, right?"
25% "You've become prettier/ You've lost weight"
19% "You've worked hard"
4% Praising their grades

Why do you look forward to Chuseok?

50% We get to meet our family after a long time
21% We get to rest for a long time
12% We get more allowances from relatives
9% More delicious food to enjoy
8% More fun shows on TV

Your plans for Chuseok?
65% Going to see grandparents with our parents
18% Ancestral rites
10% Resting at home
7% Family trip

Boy idol group you'd like to make songpyeon together this Chuseok?

90% BTS
7% EXO

In celebration of Chuseok, Korea's most important and festive holiday of the year, SMART Uniform conducted a survey to hear about the teenagers thoughts.

This survey carried out from September 1st to 5th on SMART Unifrom's official SNS channels (Facebook, Kakao Story) and total of 2,610 middle and high school students participated, showing high response rate.

◆ Boy idol group you'd like to make songpyeon together this Chuseok - No.1 BTS

BTS won the 1st place for "Boy idol group you'd like to make Songpyeon together this Chuseok" by 90% (2,349 votes), recording overwhelming vote difference. They're planning to make a spendid comeback with their second full album and the group is also scheduled to hold their fan meeting at Gocheok Skydome this November in just 3 years since their debut. The group has now risen as one of the top trending idols and this seemed to have gien them a positive influence for this survey. They were followed by EXO (7%) and BTOB (3%).

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