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Now they are known as the trend of the trends. We're talking about BTS who  is now a top idol group. Not only in Korea, they're much more famous overseas. The important fact about this group is that they aren't just standing in their peak, instead they are in the growing process. BTS is returning very soon. The little teasers for their second album is deeply moving the Kpop fans just like a great movie.

BTS revealed their 5th short film "WINGS Short Film #5 Reflection" at 12 AM 10th on Bighit Entertainment's official Youtube channel. The fifth short film captured the group's wonderful leader, Rap Monster who gained attention with his fluent English narration. 

The short film was made of following elements. Firstly, Rap Monster who was fumbling through an envelope while sitting on the floor picks up a bird drawing. This bird drawing has also appeared in the first short film featuring Jungkook so the viewers are curious if there are any kind of connection between these videos.

Moreover, Rap Monster tattoos this bird drawing on his arm. He gets an unknown call when he's burning this drawing but he's unable to answer as he collapses on to the ground after drinking the water that had the ashes of the paper. Rap Monster recovers as the ringing stops and we see him in pain as he looks into his own reflection in the mirror which has "You have to survive" written on it.

The mirror shatters, and as the fireworks burst Rap Monster gets another call. Rap Monster gets up and runs outside to answer the phone but the telephone box is chained and he's unable to open the door. Eventually the ringing stops.

In the short film of Rap Monster revealed today we were able to see the connecting points like the bird drawing, V who wanted to make a call and other elements with the previously revealed short films. This is indeed triggering their fans' curiosity about the second full album "WINGS".

BTS is planning to comeback with their second full album "WINGS" in the second half of this year. They will also be meeting their fans this November 12th and 13th at Global Official Fanclub A.R.M.Y 3rd Fan Meeting "BTS 3RD MUSTER [A.R.M.Y. ZIP+] which will be held at Gocheok Skydome.

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1. Journalist are you ARMY? You're right Rap Monster looked so cool... but it's so hard ㅠ Bighit please make things easier.. +812 -106

2. Wowhwowaohwo I'm looking forward to their comeback! +716 -100

3. Seriously the emotional acting by each member was mind-blowing ㅠ I'm so happy every day waiting for BTS's comeback~ Let's hope our BTS's second full album to be successful! I love you~♡♡♡ +648 -91

4. I was in awe while watching the video ㅠㅠㅠ BTS second full album should be successful!!! +577 -81

5. BTS, I want to see you guys soon. I'm so happy that you guy exist ♡ +522 -69

6. BTS presents their fans on their birthdays with music and they give us so many unofficial tracks yet they were preparing for their full album too ㅠㅠ Your efforts and hard work will bring great results! Hwaitting!! +167 -9

7. I'm finally reading Demian thanks to BTS. As expected Rap Monster's short film had that special vibe +152 -6

8. Demian and growth pains.. I think BTS is quite a special group... I'm really looking forward to your future short films, teasers, songs in the album. The quality is so high beyond my imaginationㅋㅋㅋ +161 -11

9. The connection with Danger and I NEED U... I was struggling to interpret the music video last year and this short films are so high quality and puzzling. And it also gave me an opportunity to understand Demian. I heard that Rap Monster loves to read and as expected he's got sexy brains. You guys don't have Rap Mon, right? But we do. +151 -9

10. I want to listen to their new song soon ♡♡ Thank you for working hard BTS! I'm re-reading Demian many times! ㅋㅋ +194 -25

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