[Article] 160913 BTS, first foreign hip hop artist to rank first place on Japan's Oricon Weekly Album chart

BTS set up a record as the first foreign hip hop artist to top Japan's Oricon Weekly Chart. 

According to Oricon Chart, a total of 76383 copies of BTS's second full album "Youth" which was released on the 7th were sold in the first week, taking the 1st place on Oricon Weekly CD Album ranking.

This is the first time for a foreign hip hop artist to take the first place on Oricon Weekly CD Album ranking.

BTS had topped the Oricon Weekly Single chart after releasing their 4th Japanese single album "FOR YOU" in June last year.

Thus, BTS has won the title of "First foreign hip hop artist" to top Oricon's weekly single and album charts.

"YOUTH" is BTS's second Japanese full album containing total of 13 songs including Japanese original new track "Wishing on a star" and Japanese version of "FIRE", "I NEED U", RUN". This album ranked the 1st place as soon as it went on sale on Oricon's Daily Chart, proving the interest of BTS's Japanese fans.

Meanwhile, BTS is planning to return in the second half of this year with their second full album "WINGS".

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1. Uh BTS's Cypher is damn good +158 -31

2. I enjoy your performances, BTS~ I hope you present us with many great songs... +129 -27

3. I'm so proud of BTS ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I enjoyed watching the short films. I'll look forward to your comeback!!! +156 -37

4. So proud! BTS Fighting! +148 -37

5. That's so amazing~! I heard you guys are famous internationally. I'll be looking forward to your amazing performances~ Fighting +108 -21

6. These days I trust all songs by BTS +42 -5

7. Aigoo BTS fighting!!♡♡ +142 -40

8. I think so many people tried to pull you guys down just because you're from a small company but I'm so proud of you guys for growing big like this. Anyway haters, aren't your fingers painful for pressing so many downvotes? ㅋㅋ you guys are working hard yea.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ +37 -5

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