[Article] 160913 Music Talk Talk - BTS topping the charts way before their comeback

Group BTS has made themselves perfectly ready by taking No.1 spots before their actual comeback.

BTS gained attention by setting records in Japan. It looks like they're raising the fans' anticipation for their comeback in Korea with great news. They're called "trend" group even in Korea but thanks to their achievements in Japan, BTS is drawing attention as to whether they will set any new record with their new album.

On 7th. BTS's second full Japanese album "YOUTH" topped Oricon Weekly Chart in the first week of its release. Recording a total sales of 76483 copies they were the first foreign hip hop artist to win the 1st place on Oricon Weekly album chart. Previously, they had also won the 1st place last June with their single album "For You". They have proved again their possible potentials of dominating Japan's Oricon Chart.

BTS's win is gaining more attention as they are the first foreign hip hop artist. This shows that BTS's music is a great contents which is recognized both domestically and internationally. Being the "first" artist makes this record more meaningful. BTS is a "growth group" who has taken a step at a time to build their popularity and skills. 

The group is gaining more attention as their "WINGS" comeback is right around the corner. Since the 5th, BTS has been hinting their comeback with almost blockbuster like short films. We're looking forward to see how they will be interpreting the songs they've been "messaging" us about. Also BTS has achieved high sales volume whenever they released a new album. Not only that, the group continues winning 1st place on music shows too. Pre-order has reached 300,000 for "HYYH" special album which released last May and although they promoted for a short time they topped the charts.

BTS is increasing the fans' anticipation with good news before their comeback. We're looking forward to their soar that will further set the K-Pop industry on fire.

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1. If those bgms in the short films are cuts of their songs in the album, I think this second full album is going to be the massive masterpiece ㅠㅠㅠ I'm really looking forward but BTS is the first artist to satisfy me beyond all my expectations ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +527 -7

2. I loved Dark and Wild but I'm really looking forward to WINGS. Fighting!!! +392 -5

3.  I'm anticipating WINGS. I really love the songs in the short films!!! +361 -6

4. I loved all the short bgms they had in the short films ㅜㅜ So looking forward to second full album ㅜㅜ +335 -5

5. Please tell us the date they'll release the new songs +272 -6

6. Let's continue this good vibe and hit the jackpot with your second full album! The teaser quality was almost as good as movie trailers +67 -1

7. I cannot help myself anticipating for your second full album after watching the short films ㅠㅠ I want to listen to them soon ㅜㅠㅜ +66 -1

8. I loved all the songs from their album and I really liked all the bgms in the short films! High expectations ㅠㅠ +59 -0

9. These guys are really popular in Japan ㅋㅋㅋ +60 -1

10. Thank you for giving us good music always❤️  I'm looking forward to this album more since it's a full album +60 -1

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