[Article] 160915 "Now he's CookJin"... BTS Jin, please cook my heart instead of egg garnish [stFocus]

Fans were anticipating to see this idol when they were told that he was going to be appearing on "Idol Chef King". It's Jin from boy group BTS. He wasn't able to participate in the final round due to their group schedule overlapping with the program recording date but he showed us a remarkable performance in the preliminary round.

On 14th evening MBC "Idol Chef King" aired the preliminary and the final round of the competition in two parts. The contestants had to make either an egg garnish or a poached egg for the preliminary round.

Jin selected the card that had egg garnish written on it. He separated the egg yolk and white after cracking the egg. Jin also surprised the judge Hong Seokcheon by removing chalaza in the egg. 

His egg garnish was very neat. The judges were stunned that he said that there shouldn't be any air bubbles when beating the egg white. Jin elegantly cut his cooked white and yellow egg garnish into square and presented them neatly.

Jin could have easily moved on to the final round because the judges were very happy with his dish, however, we were disappointed to hear that he couldn't participate in the final round due to BTS's A-Nation concert schedule. 

BTS has been running their blog since before their debut. Jin posts his mukbang shows and shares his recipes. He shared many recipes including Tteokguk, fried rice, spicy braised chicken, omelette rice and carbonara. They say what looks good tastes good too and Jin's dishes all looked delicious and mouth watering. Previously his group members had praised about Jin's food in many TV shows. 

Jin also communicates with his fans through "Eat Jin" contents too. He shares videos of him enjoying many different kinds of food alone or with his members, expressing the pure joy of flavors.

Jin left the viewers disappointed with his short appearance on "Idol Chef King" as he had previously showed us how much he enjoys both cooking and tasting food. Although we were only able to see him in the preliminary round, we hope to see "Cook Jin" prepare dishes using all sorts of delicacies including luxurious plating in the future. 

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