[Article] 160919 About BTS ② - It's like a movie and a music video, yet it's philosophical

Group BTS is definitely on a different path when compared to other groups. With their comeback ahead, they've caught our attention by making new attempts. Furthermore, their cinematic and music video like short films contains philosophical messages.

It's been this way from the beginning. The group has been appraised for reaching the peak of completeness with their "HYYH" series they've released previously. They sang about the lives and concerns of teenagers and twenties through their school trilogy and two part series on youth. 

First off, the short films released by the group since the 5th felt like watching 7 high quality short movies. Every episode felt connected but each of them had its own content. The well planned composition and detailed directing made the clips as good as any movie. The story line connects to the group's early debut days and the producers have thoroughly studied the characters of 7 members for their project. With this short film, BTS has solidified their position in the industry.

Some parts are hard to understand due to the symbolic and abstruse contents. But this is the part that triggers the viewer's curiosity and interest, adding more charms to the videos.

The short films begins with meaningful lines from "Demian" narrated by Rap Monster. Demian is a popular youth novel  but inserting lines from "Demian" to the video, this darkened the color of BTS. And when you pay attention to these 7 videos, you will be able to discover many symbols and characters from the video overlapping with the original book. Apple, piano, whistle, portrait to name a few.

The videos follow the format of short movie but it also has the elements of music video. However the underlying story is philosophical and it's dealt literarily.

BTS debuted with fierce and charismatic concept and they pushed forward with "hip hop" like any other group but as time goes by they are running on a track that's different from other groups. Showing off their talents as composers and lyricsts under definite concept and subject, the group made their own color clear to the public. The members also participated in arranging their songs, expressing the wanderings and agony of youths and their fans passionately replied to their work.

BTS is making us look forward to their new album "WINGS" with their short film. Moreover, they are paving their own road by drawing sympathy of the listeners from all over the world and different age groups with their unique attempts. By now, we believe it's safe for us to call them the new icon that can talk about youth. 

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1. BTS Fighting❤❤ +216 -0

2. As expected, BTS!! I'll be looking forward to your better performance when you guys make your comeback ♡♡ +179 -0

3. Seriously this is my first time seeing an idol group that's as great as BTS! Let's do well with this album!! +178 -0

4. Bighit is an educated perv... I really respect you all +182 -2

5. I'm really looking forward to this album!!! +167 -1

6. This is the most anticipated album! I love it because I think it's giving us various messages +37 -0

7. I support BTS~~ +32 -0

8. BTS fighting♡♡ ARMYs let's make their new album stay in No.1 place for a long time... ㅜㅜ +36 -0

9. This kind of story telling and music should do really well, of course.... I really hope many people watch and listen to their new song ㅠㅠ The quality is so good to be kept away as an idol's work ㅠㅠ +35 -0

10. I really think this album's going to do well! I support you guys all ways! Love you♥ +34 -0

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