[Article] 160919 About BTS ① - Trying out things that weren't tried by other artists makes them special

Artists who are scheduled to make their comeback are hustling. They need to let the general public know about their new concept and they also need to gain their attention. They need to publicize and trigger the public's anticipation without overdoing. 

Group BTS also hinted their comeback in the second half of this year and they're receiving high attention from the fans. They gained more attention due to their unique method of forewarning their comeback. They've surpassed jacket photos and teaser images with a fresh contents called "Short Films" and this is attracting the attention of the public as well.

Short film is a new form of contents that has the cinematic and theatrical elements and BTS has been releasing them since the 5th before their actual promotion. They produced 7 videos of each member and this large scale project was revealed to the public in 7 days.

There hasn't been any 7 episode series even when we look at foreign cases. Their new attempt using contents that wasn't obvious and predictable excited the fans. It was also praised for bringing a new change to the industry.

The various symbols hidden in each member's short film delighted the viewers. Fans showed response and interpreted the videos whenever a new episode was revealed to them. The short film has definitely increased the fans' expectation and also the public's interest about BTS.

In 7 days after releasing their first short film it reached 3.3 million views on Youtube.  The official contents were also posted on Weibo and Youku in China and it has drawn various reactions from the viewers. For instance, fans began to purchase the book "Demian" because lines from the book appeared in the short film.

In fact this isn't BTS's first creative move. They were always the leaders in contents-wise. They've shown the importance of SNS with their "Bangtan Bomb, "EPISODE" and other contents. The group has reached the peak in making unique moves with their "short film" and they also proved how influential they are.

In just 3 years since their debut, BTS won the hearts of elementary students and became the rising "presidents among elementary students". Later they advanced as "trend idol" and finally they're growing as "idol we've never seen before". 

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1. I'm really looking forward to their album. Let's hit the jackpot!! +1258 -57

2. I would read the theories posted by fans when BTS release their new short film and go "oh~ they're amazing" then Bighit would toss us another twist and I would marvel "oh~" again after reading the fans' interpretations but Bighit would shove us with a bigger twist... Bighit is flying above our heads~ BTS and their fans are equally amazing! Anyway I realized how much effort the boys put to make their album and how long they've been preparing for this~~ there are some people who slander them because they're "presidents of elementary school students" but BTS's album is too high dimensional for you guys to talk bad about them. BTS is so cool! ㅎㅎ +1118 -54

3. BTS I'll be looking forward to your album!! Fighting!! +953 -46

4. I'm really really looking forward to this album ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ  I hope WINGS succeed and take our boys higher ㅠㅠ +892 -46

5. You guys are so cool and my favorite singer BTS, I love you! I hope you guys will succeed again and I'll be supporting ! +865 -44

6. They are a real high quality idol. Hwaitting always and thank you for letting us hear you hertz. +188 -10

7. I'm really looking forward and even the fans are preparing themselves for the album ㅎㅎ BTS is a group that's always growing up. I hope you will give us good music again and show us great stages. Let's succeed!! I'm supporting you guys always +177 -9

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