[Article] 160922 BTS "Our goal is to win the Daesang, and to become the global artist" (Interview)

[Interview to celebrate the 12th anniversary of Star News]
Korea's first real time entertainment news media Star News, established in 2004 September, is celebrating it's 12th anniversary this year. Star News sat down for an interview with BTS who is now the most popular group in Korea and overseas.

Bulletproof Boy Scouts (Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J Hope, V, Jimin, Jungkook). Prejudices directed towards the teenagers and 20s are expressed as "bullets" and meaning behind our group name "bulletproof" is to block out those bullets with our own music and performances. Their group name makes a strong impression. Ever since their debut until now, BTS constantly did their best to not lose their original intention and after 4 years they've grown as top idol group, boasting a wide fandom both domestically and internationally.

4 years can be a short and a long period. Like any other group, BTS had their ups and downs since debut and they were able to build more experience in the K-Pop industry. 

"Our debut? The only thing I can remember is that I had so many emotions. There were so many things I didn't know. The only thing I could do was to do my best." (Rap Monster)

"Honestly, I did feel scared too. But I believe we weren't the only ones who felt that way and that all rookie artist would feel the same way." (Suga)

BTS emphasized their keyword as hip hop idol. It was a keyword that could create many concerns when finding the group's identity. BTS's biggest concern was how they were going to express hip hop genre as an idol group. Ultimately they had to compromise the conflicting views. It wasn't so easy.

Still the members tried to solve this problem with their talent. They didn't want to remain as an average rookie group. Even their debut in Japan was successful in short period and they received favorable responses. Led by Rap Monster, Suga and J Hope, the group's ability to produce songs that talk about dreams, love and happiness of teenagers, plus their large scale choreography and performances of their dynamic songs like "Boy in Luv", "Dope", "FIRE" captivated their fans. BTS is gradually walking on the royal road.

The members shared their thoughts about this "royal road".

"Lately, many people have been telling this to us but we went through many situations to reach where we are at now. Personally, the first Gymnastic Stadium concert which we held last May and the first music show stage of "Danger" which was the title track from our first full album are the most memorable stages." (Rap Monster)

"We did go through hardships so we didn't exactly walk on royal road from the beginning. Every moment is unforgettable to me." (Suga)

"I still can't forget our debut stage. I believe we're told we're walking on royal road now because we had a starting point." (J Hope)

"Many things happened to us. We experienced and learned many things. And we also learned to be grateful. This very moment is very precious to me. I hope we could become a team who could later say that this very moment is our best time." (Jimin)

We asked BTS members what were their top 3 hit songs. 7 songs were mentioned and the most mentioned songs were "I NEED YOU", "DOPE" and "FIRE". Among these songs "I NEED YOU" and "FIRE" helped them to win many No. 1 trophies while the official music video of "DOPE" has reached one hundred million views. It's a super addictive song and it's also the song that can't be forgotten in BTS's promotion history.

BTS is still silently taking a step at a time to complete their own music. The members believed that their ability to understand their own world, popularity and their musical capability weren't enough. The members always try to remember and improve when they encounter any flaws.

We asked the members what their current concerns were.

"Right now I'm concerned about the songs I'm going to include in my next mixtape" (Rap Monster)

"I ask myself if I'll be able to dance to our choreographys even when I turn 30 or 40." (Jin)

"We have to continue making good songs and I want to do that so my biggest worry is if I'd be able to do that." (Suga)

"I wonder how long this happiness and the love you give us will last." (J Hope)

"I want to serve my parents devotedly as soon as possible" (V)

"What should we do to make BTS a cool group? What could make every one of us happy? What should I do to sing good songs to our fans? These are my concerns." (Jimin)

"My current concern is how I should live to let others know that I'm leading a good life." (Jungkook)

They had various and similar concerns. Although they still have these concerns, BTS emphasized that they will not stop evolving. When we asked BTS's goal for 2017 they replied, "Our goal is to win the Daesang, and to become the global singer".

Finally we asked BTS where they see themselves in 12 years.

"We still have 8 years left. We always want to be young boys!"

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1. You will be able to achieve your goals if you continue to work hard. Your effort will never betray you. +412 -110

2. You've done well until now so I believe you'll continue to do well. BTS fighting! +253 -57

3. I hope BTS's goal blooms! I'll cheer for you! +220 -46

4. I can really feel their music quality becoming better every album and I think they are a group that can pull off many genres. I hope you continue to always work to improve yourselves just like now and focus on your work! +214 -44

5. Please remain as brilliant singers~ fighting~ +148 -22

6. You guys will win the award. I really think you will +144 -21

7. I support you guys~ You will be able to win Daesang! Fighting!! +111 -10

8. Since you guys took a step at a time to reach where you are today I know you will do better in the future. I will support you guys until the very end. We'll do our best to help you win the Daesang! Hoping 2nd full album to succeed again ♥ +248 -56

9. You guys are doing well so I hope you don't really worry too much! Don't be disheartened when things don't work out and just like BTS's songs, as a fan I hope you keep moving forward with strength. We know that BTS members try their best to show us better performance. Your effort is very cool! We will continue to support behind you so I hope you will cheer up by listening to our applause and support! Our BTS is so cool♥︎♥︎♥︎ +116 -12

10. It's nice to see you working hard constantly. I'll support you! +113 -11

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