[Article] 160930 BTS is challenging new records on Billboard as K Pop artist

Releasing their second full album "WINGS" on 10th
Aiming for the highest ranking in Billboard 200 as K-Pop boy group

Group BTS will be releasing their second full album "WINGS" on October 10th and the group is preparing to set new Billboard records as K-Pop artist.

BTS is releasing their new album in 5 months after their special album "HYYH Young Forever" last May and two of their previous albums have entered the main chart of Billboard- Billboard 200. High expectations are placed on BTS's challenge on making a new record on Billboard with their upcoming album as a K Pop artist.

The new records challenged by BTS are "First K-Pop artist to enter Billboard 200 for three consecutive times" and "Best record on Billboard 200 as K-Pop boy group". Billboard 200 is the album chart that is ranked by album sales. It's one of the main charts of Billboard along with "Billboard Hot 100".

BTS's mini album "HYYH Pt 2" which released in 2015 December was ranked 171th on the Billboard 200 and in May "HYYH Young Forever" climbed to 107th place. G-Dragon and BTS are the only K Pop artists to enter the Billboard 200 with two consecutive albums. G Dragon placed his name on Billboard 200 with "One of a Kind" in 2012 September (161th) and "COUP D'ETAT Part 1" (182th).

BTS is also challenging to win the highest ranking on Billboard 200 as K-Pop boy group. Currently EXO is the K Pop boy group with the highest place in the chart.  They ranked 95th with "EXODUS" in 2015 April. The difference between BTS (107th) is 12 places.

BTS has been rising rapidly since last year and they're only down by 12 places than EXO. It looks like setting a new record isn't going to be too difficult for BTS as they are internationally popular. Last May, BTS was the only Korean artist to rank 1st~3rd place on Billboard World Digital Song Chart with songs from "HYYH Young Forever". In 2015 October they also won the "Worldwide Act Award" in the 2015 MTV European Music Awards which is the biggest music awards in Europe.

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