[Article] 160930 [Lee Jungah's Celebrity] 3 reasons why we're lookingforward to BTS's comeback

BTS (Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) who has solidified their position as trending idol group with "HYYH" series is making their return.

BTS who sang about the beauty, unstableness and the lostness of youths is returning on October 10th with their second full album "WINGS" which talks about the growth and conflicts faced by youths as they encounter temptation. So why should we look forward to BTS's comeback?

#Will they solidify their position as Best Boy group?

After making their debut with single album "2 COOL 4 SKOOL" in 2013, BTS has continued to grow steadily. However, since last year the group has been rising in rapid pace with their "HYYH" series and now they've joined the ranks of best boy groups.

Keeping this in mind, their new album "WINGS" which will release in October is going to be an important album to solidify their position as a top idol so it is drawing our attention. Especially since BTS is showing great results in Korea and the group is also receiving high interest from all over the world so we're curious to find out what records this album is likely to set.

The number of retweets received by BTS shows us how explosive their fandom is. Last March, Forbes, a US financial magazine reported that BTS received the most number of retweets in last 30 days and the group won the first place. With 5,390,000 retweets, BTS was the No.1 most retweeted artist with Kanye West at 2nd (3,750,000), Justin Bieber at 3rd (3,580,000). BTS won the first place with overwhelming difference.

Furthermore, BTS was the first foreign hip hop artist to top Oricon Single Weekly Chart with "FIRE - Japanese Ver" and "FOR YOU". They also won the first place on Oricon Single Daily Chart with "I NEED U" (Japanese Ver) and "RUN - Japanese Ver". BTS also ranked #1 on Oricon Album Daily Chart with their second Japanese album "YOUTH". The group has achieved many records on other global charts so this is also a reason why we're looking forward to their upcoming album.

# Will they set new Billboard records?

This is also why the group's upcoming album is important to them.

The possibilities of BTS being the first K Pop artist to enter Billboard 200 chart with 3 consecutive albums and if they would be able to achieve the highest ranking on Billboard 200 as Kpop boy groups are the other two reasons why this album is drawing our attention.

Previously, BTS ranked 171th place on Billboard 200 chart with "HYYH Pt 2" (title track RUN) which released last November. They also recorded 107th place on Billboard 200 with their special album "HYYH Young Forever" which included tracks like "RUN", "I NEED U", "FIRE" last May. Billboard 200 is Billboard's main chart that ranks according to the album sales.

The only K Pop artists to enter Billboard 200 with 2 consecutive albums are G Dragon with "One of A Kind" in 2012 (161th place) and "COUP D'ETAT Part 1 (182th place) and BTS.

Not to mention the possibility of BTS achieving the highest ranking as K pop boy group on Billboard 200 chart. Currently, group EXO achieved the highest rank as K Pop boy group. In 2015 April, EXO ranked 95th place with "EXODUS". Since BTS has already achieved 107th place with "HYYH Young Forever", we're curious to find out what results this album could bring after its release.

# Will their excellent planning skill work?

Even before their comeback, BTS became a topic with their latest "short films". "Short Film" received attention as it was refreshing contents that surpassed usual jacket photos, teaser images, and teaser videos. It was a combination of cinematic and theatrical elements. A video for each member, they created total of 7 films and it was grand scale project which began since 5th of last month.

These videos soon became a topic when the fans and viewers started sharing their theories and to prove the popularity, in just 1 week the video reached 3.3 million views on Youtube.

CEO and producer of BTS's company, Producer Bang Sihyuk, a graduate of Department of Aesthetics, Seoul National University, who boasts outstanding sense are the man behind this project. CEO Bang Sihyuk has been showing extraordinary planning ability since BTS's debut including school trilogy and HYYH series. This time he presented us with "Short Film". His planning ability and the staffs executing this plan is the reason why we're looking for to BTS's upcoming album and their future albums.

An official stated, "I was really surprised after watching the "short film". I was interested in BTS' comeback and the quality of the videos was better than any other well-made movie. I could feel the quality of the video by its superb story and the beautiful image."

BTS's company revealed, "CEO Bang's planning ability is extraordinary. The concept for this album was created from his idea. The "short films" are receiving great responses. The album and their stage are going to be beyond your expectation so we hope you will look forward.".

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1. BTS is a group we trust listening to. Fighting! +44 -0

2. I'm from another fandom but I'm looking forward too. Fighting +36 -0

3. BTS, I will continue to look forward♥ And I hope none of you get sick during the full album promotion and please don't get hurt during your practices too!!! Namjoon oppa get well soon! We're very worried so please get well soon and I ordered all 4 version so I will listen to all of them and do my best to support you!!♡♡♡ +23 -0

4. They've become a global star. They are a group that makes me look forward to their future. They receive favorable comments in other countries as well and I'm proud to see them popular in other countries. +22 -0

5. I want to buy all the sets. I'm shaking right now. My birthday is coming-☆ +20 -0

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