[Article] "Like characters from Romance Comics" .... Jin VS Cha Eunwoo, standard of manjjitnam

(T/N: manjjitnam acronymn meaning a handsome boy from romantic girls' comic books)

 We can't tell if they're real or characters from comic books. They got everything from tall height, well defined features, and those eye smiles that melt our heart. We'll take a look at Jin and Cha Eunwoo's charming features that made the hearts of the ladies to flutter.

First is BTS Jin.

Appears flaunting his blonde hair

Even when we take photos from the side

Or early morning

His visual is still bling bling

"The vibe of main character from romance comics?"

Next is "Astro" Cha Eunwoo

Deep double eyelids and charming eyes 

Eyesmile charms from his eyes

Please look at his lake like eyes

It's hard to tell if he's real

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