[Instiz] 160427 BTS's ideal types!

Jin: A girl who looks like a puppy, who also has a puppy like personality. A girl who is nice and treats me well. A girl who can cook well.

Suga: Someone similar to me. Someone like me. Calm person. A wise person.

Rap Monster: A girl who is sexy with good voice and someone I can talk with for a long time. A person who is moderately feminine. A girl who looks good with white shirt, jeans and red converse.

Hoseok: A girl who likes to read, assist her boyfriend/husband well and is a great cook.

Jimin: Now I no longer have any specific ideal type. I think I like certain type of fce but I'm not sure. No.1 is a girl with good personality!

Taehyung: A girl who can wisely use the salary I bring home. A girl who will beat me up when I spend my money unwisely. A girl who wants to buy a house before buying a car. A girl who can give up everything for her parents.

Jungkook: A smart girl who likes me, sings well, who is about 160cm tall. (IU)

....? (tears falling down)

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(this post included ideal types of other idols too!)

1. I fit BTS Suga and Jungkook's ideal type! TAKE ME!!! LET'S GET MARRIED!!!!!!
ㄴ (and no one took her)
ㄴ (commentor 1)  It's okay~ Jungkook and Yoongi took me already ^-^
ㄴ Let's walk on guardhouse road~

2. Namjoon's ideal type is the reason why I'm studying now~ haha Namjoon, I will read books, study well and play sports well too...

3. (tears rolling)

4. - That was the list of senior citizen who lives alone -

5. Seokjinㅠㅠ i do look like a puppy but my personality is more like a dog... do I get a chance?

6. Taehyung.. I might not be able to beat you to death but I can take good care of you... yes, house over car.. I'm always at home so I don't need a car. I can cook so I'll make everything you want to eat ㅠㅠ Taehyung's let's start a family together!!!! Taehyung aaaaaaaaaahhhkkkk!! (screaming from guardhouse)

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