[Instiz] 160923 The top that creates more synergy when the wearer is handsome

It's black turtleneck
Concealed sexiness

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1. Kya... it's so nice... but if I imagine my friend wearing that in real life (shakes my head)....

2. Ah seriously I love turtlenecks

3. This is so true

4. But all clothes do... handsome faces never deceive us...

5. I came by to look at Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook... 

6. Black + turtleneck = real love

7. Woww so will I find boyfriends like them when I get to college? (twinkling eyes)

8. This is so true... concealed sexy...

9. I love them... they're all covered yet they look so sexy...



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