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Mature leader 

Rap Monster X Member

Member ranking by Rap Monster
Suga = Himself > Jin > J Hope > V > Jungkook > Jimin

BTS leader Rap Monster was introduced as the guy with IQ 148 on Korean cable channel tvN program "The List 2016". Rap Monster speaks English, Japanese and Chinese. Plus he always had the highest grade in his classroom during his school days. Members are happy to have intelligent Rap Monster in the team. 

But Rap Monster snores very severely. It's so loud that his members call him "Sleeping Disturbance". Member who shares the hotel room with Rap Monster during their oversea schedule gets flustered because it's impossible for him to sleep.

Rap Mon X Suga
Rap Monster and Suga are in charge of rap in BTS. Rap Monster said as a rapper, he often talks about music with Suga who writes and composes music. Suga is a great advisor to Rap Monster.

Rap Mon X Jin
Jin is the oldest member in BTS. Rap Monster says their personalities are extreme opposites. However they share something in common and it's their lacking dance skills. Jin really loves pink and he has a girl-like side to him while Rap Monster has a cool personality. Perhaps this is why he likes Jin.

Rap Mon X J Hope
Rap Monster and Jin were born on the same year. He says that is why he and J Hope seem to understand each other and they feel comfortable to stay together. Rap Mon is thankful to J Hope who is always considerate to everyone but it seems like he find J Hope's nagging a bit annoying too.

Rap Mon X V
Rap Monster and V who have great fashion sense are the fashion leaders of BTS. The two of them borrow or lend their clothes to each other. And Rap Monster calls V "Alien" but it looks like he enjoys watching V's strange behaviors.

Rap Mon X Jungkook
Rap Monster compliments Jungkook as "Golden Maknae who successfully execute everything he does". He is proud of Jungkook who is talented in both singing and dancing. And Rap Monster is proud to see Jungkook not forgetting to respect people around him although he's the youngest member.

Rap Mon X Jimin
Rap Mon calls Jimin a timid fellow but frankly because Rap Mon is also timid the two of them are alike. And Rap Monster marvels at the amount of time Jimin spends to practice dancing. Although Jimin can be quite stubborn and dislike to lose, Rap Monster is proud of Jimin's strong will and finds him trustworthy.

Always cheerful J Hope X Member

Member ranking by J Hope
Suga > Rap Mon > Jungkook > Himself > Jimin > Jin > V

The mother of BTS who cares about everyone!?
J Hope who is called the "Hope" of BTS is always cheerful and active.
And he likes everything to be neat which made J Hope to be in charge of cleaning at their dorm where he lives together with the members. 
J Hope always worries about his members. J Hope worries about Suga's condition when he locks himself in his workspace to compose and write his songs. And he worries about Jimin's sleeping hours because he always stays up late to practice singing and dancing. Like a mother who worries about her children, J Hope really cares about his members.

J Hope X Suga
J Hope respects Suga for his great talking skills and vast knowledge.  And he really likes songs composed and written by Suga. But compared to any other person, J Hope worries about Suga's health because he doesn't rest much when he's composing and writing his songs. 

J Hope X Rap Mon
J Hope thinks Rap Monster is rather clumsy although he's talented language-wise. He says brainy Rap Mon often forgets where he leaves his things. It looks like J Hope finds Rap Monster's forgetfulness cute.

J Hope X Jungkook
J Hope says excluding their looks, Jungkook and he share a lot in common. Although Jungkook is 3 years younger than J Hope, he says they understand each other very well. It looks like even though Jungkook's now an adult he's still a younger brother to J Hope.

J Hope X Jimin
J Hope really likes Jimin who is still cute like a baby. He really treats Jimin cute like his real younger brother. However although Jimin is a year younger than J Hope, J Hope says at times Jimin is like his real older brother.

J Hope X Jin
Jin who loves food often posts on their fancafe about food. J Hope who cares a lot about his members hopes Jin wouldn't gain weight by eating too much.

J Hope X V
J Hope says he wanted to hit V because he seemed like a emotionless human. However V is a person who hides his feels to himself so it seems like J Hope realized he has to treat V with more care. And he takes care of his younger brother V. 

Jin who is slightly like a girl and loves pink X Member

Member ranking by Jin
Rap Mon > Suga = Himself = J Hope > Jimin = V = Jungkook

Pink Prince who is teased by his members

Jin is the oldest in BTS. Eldest members have the image of maturity in Korean idol groups but....
BTS Jin really loves pink and he has the girlish sensitivity. And his members tease him for his weak dancing skill. Usually the eldest members are respected by the younger members but in Jin's case he is teased by his members.
And there are times when he's told off by Jimin who is 3 years younger than him. Jin sincerely aplogizes to Jimin for the mistakes pointed out by him. 
He cooks for his members too. He also has a reliable and family character.

Jin X Rap Mon
When Jin points out Rap Mon's mistakes Rap Mon replies "Yes" but he starts complaining later. Jin finds grumbling Rap Mon cute.

Jin X Suga
Suga often warns the younger members. Jin says he finds Suga scary when he warns the younger members. So he thinks it's fortunate that he isn't younger than Suga. It seems like Jin think he isn't told off by Suga often because he's older than him.

Jin X J Hope
Jin says he often ends up sleeping in J Hope's bed. According to other members due to J Hope's neat personality he always arranges his bed so it smells nice. It seems like J Hope doesn't get mad when Jin sleeps on his bed. Jin and J Hope and bed sharers!?

Jin X Jimin
According to Jin, Jimin can be mean but he turns mean to cute with his aegyo. Jin finds Jimin's actions cute. Jin doesn't have a real younger brother so it seems like he finds Jimin cute like his own brother.

Jin X V
Jin says "V is 4D but not an ordinary 4D.". Jin is dumbfounded by V's peculiar behaviors. But it looks like Jin would have a fun time hanging out with V who has an unpredictable personality. It seems like V's 4D personality infects Jin when they are together.

Jin X Jungkook
Jungkook is 5 years younger than Jin and Jungkook is too active for him. Sometimes Jin can't keep up with him. But Jin says Jungkook goes quiet and that makes him look like a baby and Jin finds this cute.

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