[Magazine] Japanese Magazine K Pop Top Idols (Suga and Jimin)

Sexy brain of BTS
Do you like Jin with big appetite?!
The grown up of BTS!?
No.1 member for variety
Member in charge of abs in BTS
Sudden increase in noona fans because of his 4D character
All-rounder Golden Maknae

Leader Rap Mon is mature but he also has a clumsy side
Suga is told he's cold to everyone but he's actually caring
Jimin likes pulling pranks on Suga
Maknae Jungkook is loved by everyone so he's forgiven even when he pranks others


Grandfather of BTS!? 

Suga X Member

Suga doesn't know what he should with Jimin because he find him too cute. 
Cold Suga's expression warms up when he takes photo with Jimin even before he realizes!

Member ranking by Suga
Himself = Rap Monster > Jin > J Hope > Jungkook = V >>>>>>> Jimin

He can be quite scary!? 
He's cold but caring!
On stage Suga has the visual of idol but he also has the face of music producer who composes and writes his own songs.
Members find Suga scary. When Suga is writing or composing songs, he has that aura which makes it impossible for others to approach him so no one gets close to him. 
And, you can't imagine him playing basketball because of his slender and small body frame but he's a very talented player. He did a great job in basketball during 2015 MBC Chuseok Special "2015 Idol Star Track and field, Ssireum, Basketball and Futsal Competition"

Suga X Rap Monster
Suga is proud to have Rap Mon as the leader of BTS. He finds Rap Monster who is an outstanding rapper with leadship reliable. And it looks like Rap Monster is the only member Suga can share his serious stories with.

Suga X Jin
Jin is called "Pink Prince" because he loves the color pink. It seems like Jin's pillow cover is pink but Suga can't really understand Jin's love for cute things. However Suga compliments Jin's plentiful facial expressions.

Suga X J Hope
Suga knows that J Hope is very responsible as the leader of BTS dance performance. Also, Suga marvels at J Hope's high dancing skills. Suga is learning a lot about dancing from J Hope.

Suga X Jungkook
Jungkook is now an adult but it seemed like Suga had a hard time trying to deal with Jungkook's rebellious personality during his puberty. However Suga praised Jungkook as a reliable maknae who is a talented singer and dancer. Suga is proud of maknae Jungkook who get pull off everything he do.

Suga X V
It looked like Suga was quite dumbfounded by V being called the "4D" of BTS.  It seems like Suga doesn't like to be associated with V. But although he said V is loud, he said there are times when he find V cute because of his unique personality.

Suga X Jimin
Suga doesn't know what he should do with Jimin because he finds him too cute. Although Jimin isn't the youngest it seems like he's quite childish at times like a youngest. However since Suga finds Jimin cute he doesn't mind Jimin's childish personality.

Lovable cute face

Jimin X Member

Member ranking by Jimin
Suga > Rap Monster > J Hope > Jin > Himself > V > Jungkook

Aegyo Prince is forgiven even when he pranks others
Jimin is the Aegyo Prince of BTS. Jimin really enjoys playing pranks with V or Jungkook. He gets away after pulling a prank on members with his aegyo.
Among the members, Suga is Jimin's prank target and it doesn't matter if he's sleeping or awake. It seems like Jimin enjoys Suga's reaction to his joke. Although Suga is known to be the cold member in BTS, Jimin ruthlessly tricks Suga. It's only possible because they are close.

Jimin X Suga
Jimin pulls pranks on Suga who is older than him. Although Suga is usually cold, Jimin can't stop pulling pranks because he find Suga's reactions cute. Also Jimin thinks Suga finds moving around tiresome.

Jimin X Rap Mon
Jimin who is the shortest member in BTS is envious of Rap Mon who has model proportion. And Jimin likes Rap Mon concentrating in his work but he hopes Rap Mon to stop losing his things.

Jimin X J Hope
Jimin calls meticulous and neat J Hope "King of Timidity". It seems like J Hope pays attention to the smallest detail. And J Hope often embarrasses Jimin by asking him to say jokes when he's least prepared. But Jimin really loves J Hope for who he is.

Jimin X Jin
At times Jimin warns or tells Jin off although he is the eldest member. Jin sincerely apologizes to his younger brother Jimin when this happens. Jimin shows strong attitude to Jin who is gentle and caring to his younger brothers. But Jimin is grateful to Jin for cooking for the members.

Jimin X V
Because BTS V and Jimin were born in the same year and have good relationship, their fans call them "95z". Jimin says V is clumsy but he doesn't feel ease when V isn't around him. Jimin always hangs out with V when they play games like snowfight.

Jimin X Jungkook
Jimin doesn't know what he should with Jungkook because he finds him too cute. He still considers Jungkook a baby when he is now an adult. There are times when he's upset because Jungkook refuses to play with him. And it seems like Jimin feels sad when he sees Jungkook having fun with other members.

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