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4D who can't stay still in one place

V X Member

Member ranking by V
Suga > Jungkook > Himself > Rap Mon > J Hope > Jin > Jimin

Anyway he's 4D
He's someone with unique personality

V is famous (?) as 4D character among K-Pop world. If you're wondering how 4D he is, even the original 4D of K-Pop Super Junior's Kim Heechul approved him as 4D. His members who have been living together with V from their trainee days can't understand his behaviors. 
However to his 4D personality the members positively replied, "We don't get bored when we look at him", "He's always funny". V can be seen lighthearted but he doesn't reveal his thoughts easily. Perhaps the members might hope him to share his worries with them.

V X Suga
V finds cold Suga hard to approach. But V who hardly reveals his emotions highly respects Suga who writes and composes music based on his thoughts. It seems like Suga is an idol to V.

V X Jungkook
Jungkook and V often uploads videos of them playing around together on their SNS. It looks like the two of them really like each other. V considers Jungkook as a cute younger brother like friend. However he says he's not happy with Jungkook not replying to his messages even after reading them.

V X Rap Mon
According to V, Rap Monster is very different when he's on stage and when they're behind the stage. And he can be quite timid although he should be their reliable leader. However V loves Rap Mon for who he is.

V X J Hope
V is like a spoilt child around J Hope who is a year older than him. J Hope considers V like his own cute brother and a close friend. It seems like V is grateful to J Hope for always being kind to him.

V X Jin
V think Jin as a kind hyung who thinks a lot about the members. Slender V thinks Jin's broad shoulders and back look manly. However he says he isn't happy about Jin's food because it's always too bland for his taste.

V X Jimin
V doesn't know what to do from happiness when he's with Jimin who has a bright personality. It seems like V could rest well when he's together with Jimin.  And he compliments Jimin's variety skills and for his cute charms.

Forever baby face

Jungkook X Member

Member ranking by Jungkook

Suga = Rap Mon > Jin > J Hope > Jimin = V = Himself

Our forever baby is the maknae who is always loved
Jungkook is known as "Golden Maknae" of BTS and he's loved by all the members.
However there are times when this cute Jungkook makes biting remarks. And he really enjoys pulling pranks. Jungkook is loved like a baby by all the members so he is also forgiven easily.

Although he is loved by the members, Jungkook knows he shouldn't cross the line. He has humble personality and he respects and cares a lot about his hyungs.

Jungkook X Suga
Jungkook considers Suga as his father from Gyeongsangdo. To Jungkook's eyes Suga always looks cold. However Suga is there for him like a father when anything happens. He relies on Suga.

Jungkook X Rap Mon
Jungkook thinks he could be crushed by responsibilities when he sees Rap Mon on stage because of his fierce expression. But it seems like Rap Mon has the vibe of cute boy when he's playing football with Jungkook.

Jungkook X Jin
Jungkook thinks Jin is the most normal person at their dorm. Jin cooks for his members but it seems like Jungkook isn't happy because of the bland seasoning. He says the taste doesn't change even when he complains.

Jungkook X J Hope 
To Jungkook J Hope is like a mother who nags but keeps their dorm organized. And he's grateful to J Hope for turning the atmosphere bright. He really likes J Hope who plays along with his jokes.

Jungkook X Jimin 
Although Jimin is short Jungkook thinks he is attractive. Jungkook respects Jimin for his passion for singing and dancing. And Jungkook practices dancing and singing until late with Jimin.

Jungkook X V
Jungkook says he thinks V surpasses 4D and thinks he's from another planet. But he often plays with V and when Jungkook is with V he also turns into a 4D guy. To Jungkook V is like a happy virus who makes him happy by just looking at him.

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