[Misc] 160922 Chicken rice recipes using BBQ chicken recommended by BTS members!

This is BBQ Chicken :)

Enjoying chicken alone is great but making it more unique and filling! Lately chicken rice recipes using fried chicken is gaining a lot of attention~

Today BTS, the official model of BBQ Chicken will recommend you chicken rice recipes to enjoy BBQ chicken more deliciously!

Shall we start?

Suga's recommendation - Grilled Jamaica whole chicken leg with white rice

Suga is a person who doesn't really enjoy spending time to prepare his meal.
This is the original chicken rice recipe for those who are lazy!

For this chicken rice, it's good to use well seasoned chicken.
Grilled Jamaica whole chicken leg is perfect to eat with rice.
It's little salty and spicy great with rice!
It will definitely make you finish your bowl of rice.

 V's recommendation - Jamaica vegetable risotto (Grilled Jamaica whole chicken leg)

V doesn't enjoy spicy food.
So V recommends you the recipe to enjoy the mild flavors using the chicken dish. It's Jamaica vegetable risotto~

Slightly salty flavor of Jamaica chicken leg together with creamy cheese and crunchy vegetables!
It's a way to enjoy grilled Jamaica whole leg in a much milder way~

 Jungkook's recommendation - Mara hot paella (Mara hot chicken)

Maknae Jungkook is the young blood of BTS. Jungkook recommends the fiery mara hot chicken paella like the passion of the youngest!

The spicy flavors of mara hot chicken with fresh seafood and hearty rice creates "paella", a Spanish dish from the land of passion.  You can enjoy mara hot chicken in a more premium way!

Jin's recommendation - Ppari Chisotto (Ppari Chicken)

Jin is known as the chef of BTS. 
Jin who creates wonderful sauce recommends Ppari Chicken Chisotto~
Spicy, tangy and sweet flavors of Ppari chicken meets sweet soy sauce and rice and creates chisotto!
It's a chicken rice that will make you want to have more :)

Jimin's recommendation - Golden olive chicken mayo

Jimin's recommendation - Golden olive chicken mayo (Golden olive chicken)

Although he looks cute, Jimin's charms are deadly.
Jimin recommends Golden olive chicken mayo which is an addictive mild dish.

Golden olive chicken tastes better as it's fried in golden olive oil. Together with salty soy sauce and creamy mayo it creates a delicious meal!
It's a really delicious chicken rice!

J Hope's recommendation - Mara hot cheese rice  (Mara hot chicken)

J Hope is the member who enjoys spicy dishes in BTS. J Hope recommends mara hot cheese rice which is both fiery and creamy~

After mixing the rice with the hot flavor of mara hot chicken, spread mozzarella cheese on top~
Chicken and cheese = love ^^

Rap Monster's recommendation - Jamaica cream risotto (Grilled Jamaica whole chicken leg)

The sexy brain Rap Monster who is the leader of BTS. 
Rap Monster recommends the  Jamaica cream risotto that boasts rich flavors.

Grilled Jamaica whole leg is made using the 300 year old traditional recipe. Rice, fresh cream and the crunchy vegetables complete the rich flavors of Jamaica cream risotto!
It's a chicken rice recipe that will help you to upgrade the flavors of grilled Jamaica whole chicken leg!

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