[PANN] 160827 This video really feels like you're watching them in real life

This is I Need U fancam when they went to France. I think it's because the video was recorded parallel to the stage so they look realistic
The boys look less thinner in real life than we think plus they're taller and bigger and you'll understand when you watch the video.
Especially Taehyung. Fans who saw him in real life said he is taller and bigger in real life and I understood what they meant right away.
It's a video which shows maknae's thigh muscle line very candidly (?) ㅎㅎ


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Response +88 -1

1. The photo you captured somewhat has that Jungkook_and_Jungkookmoms.jpg feel to it +5 -0

2. The colors are really pretty... Jeon Jungkook looks like a religious leader? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Praise Jeon Jungkook +3 -0

3. Even Hoseok runs a lot in I NEED U +2 -0

4. Wow Jungkook's flying kick? is freaking cool +2 -0

5. This is so true!! I saw them at concert and that's exactly how they look like in real life!! I didn't think they were too thin in real life! +2 -0

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