[PANN] 160830 I'm starting to wonder if he is crazy...

 Is this how he looks like in real life?... Seriously I'm sure he is insanely beautiful... I'm at a loss for words because he's too good looking... Hoseok please have some mercy 

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1. Honestly I think our boys looked pretty on ISAC although it's a shitty show... Jungkook has amazing body ratio, Hobi's so beautiful and Jimin has that chic, charismatic cold guy vibe... But in front of fans Jimin's back to his manggae mode, Yoongi's full of his oppa charms and Jin's like a prince.. +3 -0

2. Daebak ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's not even a good shot but his nose line is alive;;; +3 -0

3. He's damn handsome +3 -0

4. Look at that nose... he's really handsome 

5. He looks way more handsome in real life...

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