[PANN] 160901 Even when Taehyung wears a mask...

Even when V wears a mask his handsomeness can't be covered... Ah seriously he's really handsome ㅠㅠ

Look at that nose! Can he be a human!!

I think we could go sliding on his nose~

How can he get more handsome...

I f***ing love that slightly exposed collarbones too...

During their recent performance his boyish charms were exploding~

He also has his sexy side too... what do I do...

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Response +197 -35

1. He's CGV. Seriously how can a person be this good looking... +65 -5

2. He's so cute and this is my favorite gif +37 -0

3. I'm EXO L and damn he's insanely f***ing handsome (marvels) +37 -7

4. Insane beauty... Seriously how can he be so good looking when half of his face is covered... Noona really cares about you... +37 -0

5. Isn't he perfect... (dead) +31 -2

6. Thank you for showing love to our Taehyung~~~ +27 -1

7.  Every day is his legendary day but this is the final boss of legend +26 -2

8. No makeup face +12 -0

9. Pretty thing +11 -0

10: Hoooong♡ +10 -0

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