[PANN] 160901 Idol rappers who you can't attack their rapping skills

I'm only posting their names here because I'm too lazy to attach photos!
Let me know in the comment if you want me to add the photos

Then I'll edit the post with photos

Seriously unless you are their anti fans you really can't slander them for their rapㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Monsta X [Jooheon]
Big Bang [T.O.P, G Dragon]
IKON [Bobby, B.I]
B.A.P [Bang Yongguk]
Infinite [Jang Dongwoo]
Beast [Yong Junhyung]
Winner [Song Minho]
Block B [Zico, Park Kyung, P.O]
BTS [Min Yoongi]
BtoB [Jung Ilhoon]

Wow, there are many talented idols 
For real though, I can't understand why Jooheon got disqualified from Show me the money
I'm going to go listen to their rap

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Response +51  -3

1. Thank you for mentioning Yoongi!! Our Yoongi's rap is awesome ㅋㅋㅋ! +14 -1

2. I think Rap Mon should be included too +11 -1

3. Agust D-nim, I really like you a lot... +9 -4

4. Shouldn't Rap Monster be there for BTS? I'm not really interest in idols though... +8 -0

5. I like Suga but I'm more attracted to Rap Mon's voice +5 -0

6. BTS Rap Mon... I'm from another fandom but Rap Mon's talented +3 -0

7. This is so true. Idols mentioned in this post are talented +3 -0

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