[PANN] 160903 Park Jimin legend

From the proportion, fit and to the outfit everything's just legendary,, look at his flawless skin he looks like a mannequin... He's just like a prince

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Response +41 -1

1. When he's alone he looks like he's 180cm +12 -1

2. King of proportion +4 -1

3. Meanwhile look at his hands peeking out the sleeves... F***ing cute +2 -0

4. I think Jimin like checked shirts ㅜㅜ they look good on him too ㅜㅜ +1 -0

5. Oh mommy.. Prince of Manggae World is walking... 

6. Whenever I see photos of Jimin with blonde hair he reminds me of prince charming I had in my head during elementary school...

7. ♥

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