[PANN] 160904 But seriously face like Min Yoongi

Don't you think he has thousand different faces?
He's a ball of cuteness without his makeup
On stage he's just damn sexy and cool
He's just cute when he smiles
But his personality is like a real man and tsundere
He's tiny
But has broad shoulders
And the twist - skinny legs like girl group members
Plus his husky voice
Also he's the youngest in his family
His mixtape was so unhealthily seductive ㅠㅠ
That gap difference (shivers)

Who are you... Min Yoongi, what is your identity...

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Response +151 -6

1. He's the youngest in his family... why is this killing me... +34 -0

2. Our Yoongi is the youngest!!!!! Youngest!!!!! (dies) +16 -0

3. Min Yoongi, even his name is pretty... ha +4 -0

4. Ah I really agree. Fan or not, honestly you'd agree he has an attractive mask.. Seriously I can't understand why some attack him on other boards.. +4 -0

5. Introducing 천재짱짱맨뿡뿡 Min Yoongi +3 -0

6. His insane beauty.. ❤ +2 -0

7. I've tried digging but I still don't know who he is... he's a dangerous man +2 -0

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