[PANN] 160908 Wow;; I think V is seriously daebak

I got chills after watching the mv... the song is f***ing amazing but his acting is seriously no joke. I don't think we'll have to worry about his drama. I feel like he could continue acting after doing well on Hwarang because his visual is great too. He's an all rounder...

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Response +220 -30 

1. I'm from another fandom but seriously forget about his face... I really love the bgm and it gives me chills... It feels like he's crying out but I wonder for what he's asking for forgiveness... there's no complete lyrics so... Anyway I love the song and Jimin too! +54 -0

2. Our Taehyong is amazing +51 -0
3. This is the trauma.gif created by yesterday's short film... While he's interrogated by the police Taehyung remembers his father drinking and he turns his head in pain. I was tearing up because of a short film...ㅠㅠㅠ but his acting is good, even his singing is great so I keep singing along the song +50 -0

4. "What can you not do, Taehyung?" +32 -0
(There's nothing like that)

5. Thanks for liking him ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ +24 -0

6. I'm so glad our Taehyung didn't become a farmer... +18 -0

7. Thanks... but his drama's not yet out so we can't confirm his acting. But I just hope you guys would watch his performance positively...♡  but thanks for the nice words!! +18 -0

8. I knew this before but he's really good looking.... +14 -0

9. Hmm... I just realized... theories... I don't think we're capable to solve.... just... just accept whatever they're giving us +10 -0
(people in pain, come here...)

10. Dead men tell no tales.+8 -0

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