[PANN] 160909 The reason why Taehyung's voice was muted

Taehyung's voice was muted in the interrogation room so we couldn't hear what he was saying and then Whalien 52 lyrics appeared later so perhaps they were trying to express the lonely whale's voice which can't be heard by others, no matter how much he cries out?

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1. ?????????????????????????? Eppi, what are you doing here without going to Havard?? 
+60 -2

2. Perhaps that is why the title is stigma too ㅜㅜ bad name = false charge. No one wants to listen to what he has to say and they're only judging him for killing someone. This must be the connection with the Whalien ㅠㅠ +47 -0

3. We couldn't hear Jungkook's voice when he screamed "hyung" too. I think it's the same context... +4 -0

4. Daebak... Seriously how in the world do you guys come up with all these theories?  I really respect you all. My brain just doesn't work like that... +3 -0

5.  Oh sh** so this is what you call a theory... +2 -0

6. Heol I think this is right... Lonely Taetae who has no one to listen to what he says... +1 -0

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