[PANN] 160917 Who are the boy idols that come to your mind when you think of dance?

I'm a multi fan of many girl groups so for me the idols that come to my mind are Hyoyeon, Seulgi, Momo, Sinb, Lisa, Chungha, Kahi, Hyuna, YooA
The only boy idols I can think of are Taemin and Hoya so please tell me other idols!

And I'm attaching the photo of my favorite actor Kang Sky♥

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Response +163 -5

1. Taemin, Kai, J Hope, B.I, Hoshi +420 -45

2. Ukwon, J Hope, SHOWNU, Kai, Lay, Jang Hyunseung, Feeldog, Taemin? +240 -82

3. EXO: Kai, Sehun (personally Baekhyun too), BTS : J Hope, Jimin (personally Jungkook), Seventeen: Hoshi, Dino (personally Woozi), Ikon: BI, Kim Donghyu (personally Kim Jinhwan) +121 -5

4. Kai, Taemin, Jungkook, BI +109 -21

5. Taemin, Lee Gikwang, Kai, Lay, Hoshi, Dino, Dongwoo, Hoya, Kimin, J Hope, Hyoyeon, Momo, Seulgi +95 -2

6. Beast Lee Gikwang, EXO Kai, BTS J Hope +82 -5

7. BTS J Hope! +75 -7

8. J Hope! I wish he comes on Hit on Stage +71 -5

9. Beast Lee Gikwang, VIXX N, EXO Kai, BTS J Hope, Seventeen Hoshi, Block B Ukwon, Infinite Hoya +70 -1 

10. I'm Carat but this is the sexy gif I have +65 -14

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