[PANN] 160921 Jungkook was mentioned in an interview

Bolppalgan Puberty (볼빨간 사춘기)  is also gaining attention because their song  "나만 안 되는 연애" (Love that doesn't work out only for me) was recommended by idol group BTS Jungkook. To this Ahn Jiyoung revealed, "We were surprised too. "나만 안 되는 연애" was barely in the chart bottom but it started to climb up the chart suddenly. Later we got to know that the song was recommended by BTS Jungkook."

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Response +93 -1

1. Jungkook is really influential +19 -0

2. Their songs are really nice +12 -0

3. I'm so happy that they mentioned him ㅜㅜ Even I listened to the song after reading JK's tweet and their voices were so nice +8 -0

4. I was really into this song and then Jungkook recommended it on Twitter so I was really surprised +6 -0

5. I listened to it after reading JK's recommendation tweet and it was so good ㅠㅠ they're promoting with another song and I like that too but I personally love this song more ㅠㅠㅠㅠ +6 -0

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