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Handsome and pretty

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1. Wow this is awful. Why is BTS hated so much when a post about them appears here?
We usually see posts about idols and fan recruiting posts too on Enter-Talk, don't we?
But why do you guys leave so many hateful comments only on BTS posts;;;;;;;
I wasn't even into BTS but now I follow them because I feel so bad... +177 -18

2. (I can prove that I'm from another fandom) I often see posts like "this girl/boy idol is so pretty and handsome" and some muggles asking for idol photos but I always see a herd of antis rushing to comment on posts praising BTS members. This post just says he's handsome and you want the OP to move it to Fan-Talk section? Last time I saw a long post that praised BTS and even in that antis said you should go to fan-talk and now you're here to take over the comment section ㅋㅋㅋ Who the f*** are you to tell the OPs what you like or not and then tell us to move their post? You can stay out of the post by not clicking. You see, when some of you push BTS to the edge we feel bad for them so we start stanning the group ㅋㅋㅋ That top commentor has a twisted mind. I don't click on PANN posts that talks about any celebrity I don't like but some still crawl here and leave comments with their fingers. That's some devotion.. those people always leave comments like "my ____" and go around clicking upvotes on posts about their own idols ㅋㅋㅋ +172 -7

3. +149 -6
Damn cute...

4. There's something I really don't understand... Isn't Enter-Talk where we talk about celebrities? Fan Talk is the section where fans get together and talk about their idols and this is where we post about celebrities so why are you asking the OP to move the post to fan-talk board??? Because then Enter-Talk section should be closed down, everyone should talk about their idols in fan-talk board... this is just my opinion.. +82 -13

5. I'm from another fandom but V is seriously handsome. He's not just good looking he's VERY good looking. I don't get the number of downvotes this post got... +53 -2

6. Some handsome people have no charm but V's nose, mouth and eyes are all pretty and he has this unique vibe in him... like a boyish, manly, sexy, cute, lethal and hidden sexiness... he has it all +43 -2

7. +21 -2
 BTS has succeeded already but  think he'll succeed as an actor in the future. He acted so well in their music video and he makes great expression on stage. So I always end up looking at him ㅠㅠㅠ and his visual is insane... this is a press photo but he's so handsome

8. +1 -0
Angel Kim Taehyung

9. +2 -0
This is his no make up face...

10. +5 -1
He's really handsome

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