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I'm a student in dance major and since last year I've been wondering if I should quit dancing because of my family's financial problems. Most importantly I was really depressed because there's this really important competition in few months but after seeing his dance (J Hope) and reading the comments here I feel motivated. I realized there are many people working harder than myself and the way he dance is what I imagine myself in the future so I'm going to motivate myself and try harder.
ㄴ ㅇㅇ | 2016.09.26 03:40 +1 -0
You can do it. Cheer up and I mean it 
ㄴ ㅇㅇ | 2016.09.26 02:23 +2 -0
Thank you every one ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I will really try my best and thank you J Hope ㅠㅠㅠ.. really 
ㄴ ㅇㅇ | 2016.09.26 02:20 +1 -0
BTS has proved that you will shine without question when you make effort. I hope the commentor doesn't give up and walk towards their dream. Fighting!

Hello. I'm the student who commented in J Hope's post that I felt motivated after watching J Hope's dance video.

I'm sorry for starting a post here in the section where fans talk about their idol group but I really want to tell you guys I'm grateful.

I major in dance but since last year my family has been facing financial problems and after injuring my ankle recently I hit a slump. With a really important competition in few months, I had to visit the orthopedics and I had serious thoughts about quitting dance but then I read the Top Talk post which praised about J Hope's dance and I went to watch his video.

Firstly I was surprised by his expressiveness and the way he danced in the video was very similar to the goal I had in my mind and I could feel his passion from his every movement and this motivated me.

And after reading the comments I learned that he had gone through many challenging moments and he seemed like a hard working person so I really reflected on myself. I was ashamed of myself for wanting to give up when there are many people like him working hard to reach his dream.

So I left a comment to thank him and a fan recommended me a song called "tomorrow". I listened to it felt like my story and the lyrics of this song fitted each other perfectly so I started crying before I realized. "Follow your dream like breaker. Even if it breaks down, oh better" I will keep this in mind.

 Today I started practicing again after settling my thoughts and I came by to say thank you. To everyone who supported me with comments and I'd also like to thank J Hope for motivating me.
BTS fans are kind-hearted and I would also like to say that J Hope is one of the best dancers I've seen.
I will always do my best. I will remember that I will shine when I make effort. Thank you very much and BTS will do great with this album!

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1. Dream like a whale even if you sleep like a prawn!! It's a line from BTS's song. Cheer up!! +32 -0

2. Fighting +25 -0

(I believe that everything in this world is like a staircase. It has a congested section. You might get stuck for a short period or a long period but when you "just keep going" without giving up, before one knows I think we'll be a step higher again.
-Suga 15.08 Interview)

3. Oh! I also left a reply to your comment and I'm glad to hear it cheered you ㅠㅠ like the other comments I would like to recommend whalien52 to you. It's a very relatable song and this song gives me strength all the time. I hope you keep running towards your dream! +20 -0

4. "It's okay to bow your head from failure and frustration. We're still young and keep those worries aside" It's a line from Nevermind. Please stay strong always:) +9 -0

5. Wow you sound really sweet ㅠㅠ I know OP will succeed too. I don't know you but I will always support you in my heart. Thank you for the kind words too  ♡♡ I hope watching and listening to BTS's songs, raps and dance performances would give you motivation. I'll leave a line from their song too! OP fighting!! ^ㅁ^ +7 -0

"All stones that can roll are bound to get caught, if you can't go around just go forward and I hope you forget all your mistakes, Never mind. It's not going to be easy but keep in mind, if you think you're about to crash, accelerate more" 

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