[PANN] 160926 What is the identity of BTS J Hope??

My friend is ARMY and she was making a great fuss so I went to watch the comeback teaser and...
I had my mouth open the entire time..
Honestly I didn't know much about J Hope 
I think his dance, rap, etc make him one of the top idols.. Seriously he's that good
I really liked his screaming like rap style and I loved his diction and vocal. They were all perfect ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ
He's a talented rapper but his dance is really peerless. I can't explain in words 
He's moves are so powerful but I can feel every detail, is this even possible? ha...
Don't you think more people should know about this talented idol?
ARMYs, please promote your idol during times like this ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
We, ordinary muggles can only marvel and say he's amazing (thumbs up)
I think I rewatched the video 10 times
His expression is amazing and his body proportion is so good
Ah and was J Hope this handsome? he's f***ing handsome ㅜㅜ
Great rap, dance and his visual shines too. He's got it all

Abs too... ha BTS I will support you. You are amazing

+) Heol I just came home and I'm shocked by the no. of comments and likes ...
My ARMY friend wasn't around in the night so I just wrote my feelings here. 
I've been watching J Hope videos on Youtube today ㅎㅎ 
After watching the video I learned he has great personality and he's really flawless. 
I can't believe I just got to know him now..
I think people who are meant to shine will shine one day
I told my friend and my friend was really proud
I really hope BTS succeed with this album!!

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Response +737-36

1. You even made a post ㅠㅠ thank you they're making their comeback this October 10th. Please look at them with kindness. And our choreography captainㅠㅠ he's a really talented dancer.. He's really J Hope. Hope, Hope~ +140 -3

BTS @BTS_twt July 28th
Lately I've been practicing barefoot and 
I feel bad for my feet but it feels good
My feet end up covered with black dust but I feel like even experience is building on my feet..
I trust that these feet will make me the best and I have no doubt! :) Hope night!

2. Thank you for the compliments... Before their debut he was famous for performing street dance in Gwangju... People around him were disappointed when he said he was going to become an idol because they thought he was a talented dancer. ㅎㅎ He is a passionate person who regularly shares videos of him practicing freestyle dancing..!! I hope more people to show more interest and support to Hoseok's dance after watching their recent comeback trailer.. ㅠㅠ I'm really happy because I feel like Hoseok's talent is finally shining ㅠ Love you!! ㅎㅎ If you're wondering how talented he is, please go watch this video! ㅎㅎ  http://www.vlive.tv/video/14360 +132 -2

3. Our Hobi is a talented dancer. Choreography captain, Captain Hope... (thumbs up) thank you for the kind words ♡+122 -2

3. BTS? Ah~ that group where Jung Hoseok's a member of?? (what people used to tell before the group's debut) +49 -0

4. Thank youㅠㅠㅠ but we aren't posting any fan recruiting posts because we're afraid we'd get negative comments so ARMYs decided we'll write a good post when BTS makes their comeback ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ thanks for praising Hobi!! +36 -0

5. Everyone do BTS~ Your days will turn more lovely and fun +34 -0

6. I was worn out after reading all the negative posts posted by attention seekers and reading this post gave me strength!! We could consider this a promoting post ㅎㅎ thanks for supporting Hobi and please look forward to the next trailer and album!!♡♡ +31 -0

7. They say before BTS's debut people used to be like "Ah is that the group where Jung Hoseok's a member of?"... His friends in Gwangju were really disappointed when they heard Jung Hoseok's debut as an idol +30 -0

8. Real wise saying +29 -0

Wouldn't it be nice if you see abs when you least expect to see one?

9. J Hope has great personality too +26 -0

10. Fans must be proud of him. I heard he was a good dancer but he is a good dancer. +25 -0

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