[PANN] 160926 Wow J Hope is incredible

Who watched their recent video?? I'm someone who is just interested in BTS but he's a really great dancer.. the song is nice too

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1. I just watched the video and I think he could have been a  rhythmic gymnast or figure skater if he didn;t become an idol. His dance moves and his body moves are just extraordinary... He has long arms and legs too. +229 -5

2.+214 -2
I love you, Abs. Please watch our Hope's dance

3. I just watched a 3 minute long video without breathing. I was telling myself "wow people can dance like that too" +197 -2

4. He danced really f***ing well (shivers)  I'm just a normal person and I was curious to know if he's a good dancer and holy s*** goosebumps +102 -0

5. People said the video was awesome so I went to watch it too and he is a great dancer indeed. I think he's one of the top 10 best idol dancers. +97 -0

6. BTS's company has great ideas about concepts. I'm jealous +92 -0

7. He was famous for his dancing skills in Gwangju before debuting... He even did street performances. When V was going to debut as BTS people said "Ah, is that the group where Jung Hoseok's (J Hope) a member of? +91 -0

8. My younger sister is ARMY so she ran to my room in the middle of the night saying I should watch this cool video with her so I had to watch it but ㅋㅋ He's a really good dancer. I was stunned while watching the video and I still can't get over +90 -0

9. BTS's concept is so cool. So that's also another way of dancing... It looks like a new genre...  if he was the one who rapped the song that's amazing. I don't understand why you guys hate BTS. I couldn't close my mouth while watching the teaser video +85 -0

10.+72 -0
Our choreography captain Hobi ㅠㅠ ♡ 

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