[Review] Important scenes of "WINGS" ① : Demian by Hermann Hesse in BTS's "WINGS" 2/2

#4. If you have seen the darkness before the sunrise

Because the dawn right before the sun rises is the darkest

Expressing the unstableness of a boy was what really stood out the most in the short film of "WINGS". In Demian, young boy Sinclair who is torn between good and evil meets Beatrice , Pistorius and Demian to become a better person by overcoming himself. The books talks about his determination and the serious anxiety he experience during this process. The line which appears during the film really expresses the feelings of Sinclair. 

"I wrote on a piece of paper: "A leader has left me, I am enveloped in darkness. I cannot take another step alone. Help me!"

#5. Paints a strange face

While he still hasn't found a distinct ego, we see the boy filled with anguish after painting an unrecognizable face. In the book Sinclair says that he thinks this painting is speaking to him.
Sinclair listens closely to the words spoken by an unknown face that is dark and obscure looking. However this awakening creates an important crack to help him escape from the egg that is locking him inside. And finally he "senses" the identity of the person in the painting.

"Gradually I began to sense that this was neither Beatrice nor Demian but myself. Not the picture resembled me -- I did not feel that i should--but  it was what determined my life, it was my inner self, my fate or my daemon."

#6. The bird that hatches free from the egg

And when one breaks free from his egg, he flies towards the world that is filled with danger with his wings.

Youth, unstableness, anxiety, shaking, fear, yearning, determination,suspicion.......

The story of Demian from Hermann Hesse's 1919 work seems to be appealing to the members of the group who currently sings about "Boy" in the hottest K-Pop scene.

Walking into the new world after breaking away from "school" and "parents", the world of light that is moderate and warm.
On this road for the boy to become an adult, let me correct that- please follow the road to find what kind of love you'd have to go through to become "you", yourself. The novel "Demian" is a record of someone who has traveled on this road before us.

"The bird rights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God's name is Abraxas."

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