[Article] 160518 [Man in Culture] Icons of resistance of current era are G Dragon and BTS?

We "issued instruction" to the Investigation team (Embrain) as we felt heavy by the outcry of teenagers who live in the classroom where only " to diss culture" exists without any "sincere" resistance. To find the "icons of resistance of current era".
on 12~15th we asked about resistance culture of the younger generation to 500 teenagers and twenties. 44.6% of the respondents answered, "Freedom and innovation of the younger generation, refusing the existing system and culture of resistance still exists". 33.6% replied, "It no longer exists.".

Does culture of resistance exists among the younger generation?
(On 12~15th, 250 teenagers and 250 people in their twenties, survey was taken by total of 500 people. Investigation enterprise Embrain)

33.6% - No longer exists.
44.6% - Exists.

Reasons why they think it exists
We have our own culture 27.4%
I just feel so 23.2%
Movies, books, there are many ways to discuss freedom 21.1%
Legendary people are still influential 13.9%
SNS is the symbol of freedom 8.1%
Culture of resistance, this question itself is the evidence of generation gap 6.3%

Reasons why they think it no longer exists
No reason, why do you ask for one? 23.7%
Resistance and freedom, do they help you feed yourself? Getting a job is top priority 16.8%
You just need to have lots of money, why do you want to resist and face trouble? 16.8%
Resist? There's enough freedom already 14.5%
Individuality? The society has its own standard pattern 14.5%
Icons of resistance? They're just ancestors of current idols 13.7%

Icons of resistance of current era picked by teenagers and 20s.

1. G Dragon
2. BTS
3. Black Nut
4. Big Bang
5. Yoo Byungjae
6. Lady Gaga, Seo Taeji
7. Shin Haechul, Lee Seunghwan, Yoo Ahin, Zico
8. Hacker group "Anonymous", Eminem, iKon, Bobby, Psy
9. Doki, Justin Bieber, Daily Best (Ilbe), iKon, Bobby, Psy
10. Miley Cyrus, KimJo Kwangsoo, AKMU, Hyukoh, Busker Busker

"There is no icon of resistance in this era" (105 responded)
"I can't think of anyone" (101 responded)
6 times of the votes received by No. 1 (G Dragon)

- Current era's icons of resistance are G Dragon, BTS

The No. 1 icon of resistance picked by the youth was G Dragon, followed by idol group BTS, Rapper Black Nut, group Big Bang, tv personality Yoo Byung Jae (reference to the votes). High ranks were taken by idols or people who were hot topics on SNS. Others included Yoo Ahin, Block B, Doki, Justin Bieber, Daily Best (Ilbe), iKon, AKMU, Psy, Hyukoh, Busker Busker...? We referred to the Korean Dictionary once again. (Resistance: Noun. 1. the act or power of resisting, opposing, or withstanding)

"The result is funny. Kids raised by Yang Hyunseok and Bang Sihyuk are icons of resistance? At least Seo Taejin made his own rules, he wasn't the system's puppet..." (Agent 5. Journalist Kim Yoonjong)

"Even during Seo Taejin's days, didn't older generation say, "How in the world is that kid the president of culture?"? There's not much difference between Seo Taejin or BTS to us. They are ahead of the trend by writing (lyrics) and composing their own music and as fashion leaders. It's no different from how the 386 Generation used to tut and say "Kids these days..." while talking about Deulgukhwa when Seo Taejin came out.". (Teenager Kim Jungseok)

(t/n: 386 Generation: abbreviation for 'those born in the 1960's, went to school in the 1980's)

To console our empty hearts, we went looking for people who would talk to us about the culture of resistance. People who have defended the indie music for 20 years. We met rock band Harry Big Button Lee Sungsoo and hip hop Garion's MC Meta at Seoul Sangsoo Station. We pushed the survey result sheet to the two. "Idols are quite kept in their "fences" but it's funny that some think they're resisting." (Lee Sungsoo)

- Subculture, counterculture, post subculture

Recently on SBS Special "Hell Chosun and the Laws of Game - Can one rise from humble family?", MC Meta spoke for the youths with his rap. "School loan is just the beginning. It's hard to think about resistance when you're in an environment where you don't have enough strength to stand up because you're trampled "flat" by the reality. It's funny how rapper Black Nut came third. I think this is a strong circumstantial evidence which tells us that their resistance target is unclear.".

We needed to reinforce theoretically. We went to meet HK Professor Shin Hyeon Joon, East Asia Institute Department International Culture Studies of Sungkonghoe University. 

"Subculture and counterculture are two different things. The commonly known resistance of culture is close to subculture. It was started by teenagers, working class, etc and there is no clear sense but it's more like their hate for the general system has strengthened. In other words, it's closer to rebellion than resistance. On the other hand, if we look at counterculture, this includes the Hippie culture. It means they resist to political and ideological issues."

The culture of resistance searched by the two agents was closer to subculture. Subculture is close to general culture. It's commercialized easily. The counterculture was usually absorbed by high-level culture like the avant-garde. Although they're a part of commercial culture, they don't destroy their identity and carry out cultural practice. This sort of "Post subculture" is currently the trend. Is culture of resistance too old fashion now?

"Is outraging to music in a club where there is less than 10 audiences considered resistance? Or would it be considered resistance to earn power by expressing yourself at a liquor market?." (Agent 7 (Journalist Im Heeyoon) muttered.)

- Resistance on sale, were we fooled?

Today, portraits of Che Guevara are produced on large scale. Looking back, mini skirts, long hair, bikinis, rock, hip hop, Seo Taeji... they all sold out well. 

"It means that the culture of resistance has kept us satisfied  in today's society where we seek to pursue something different from others when there are mass production and mass consumption. This is a paradox as counterculture which resists to the order of consumer capitalism rather reflects the true spirit of capitalism." This is the argument made by the authors of "The Rebel Sell", Joseph Heat and Andrew Potter.

The two agents who couldn't find the answer headed to the CD store near headquarters. Standing in front of the display stand, the hands of the two slipped away from Nirvana, Bob Marley, Rage Against the Machine and stopped at AOA and I.O.I. "I'd like to pay for this." (To be continued)

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Translated by PEACHISODA
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