[Article] 161001 Infinity Challenge Park Myungsoo is eager to collaborate with BTS... Yang Sehyung says "Outrageous"

Park Myungsoo revealed his ambition to collaborate with BTS on Infinity Challenge.

During the broadcast of MBC Infinity Challenge on 1st evening, members of the show shared their thoughts about celebrating 500th episode.

On this day Yoo Jaesuk exposed, "I'm not sure if I should be saying this on our 500th episode but after our "Dancing King" episode, a member contacted Kim Taeho PD and said "I'm going to collaborate with BTS"."

When Park Myungsoo heard this his expression changed and Jung Junha pointed out, "He wants to collaborate with BTS because he knows they're hot now".

And Yang Sehyung added, "I think he thinks the project was easy for Yoo Jaesuk. I think his idea is just outrageous." making the members burst into laughter.

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