[Article] 161004 BTS reveals the complete form of "WINGS"... "Boys fallen in temptation"

They revealed the complete form of BTS's second full album "WINGS" by unveiling the final concept photos.

On 4th, photos of BTS members lying on bed while making strong eye contacts with the camera were revealed on their official homepage and SNS.  The members in pajama created dreamy and provocative vibes.

Another photo captured the members leaning on the bed, posing in different positions. Their strong gaze is again the impressive point of the photo.

Jin's individual photos were also revealed along with the group photos. Jin in pinkish hair tone looks back as he tries to enter a room with a red door. The other photo captured Jin turning back while kneeling on an electric blue sofa.

They have revealed the concept photos of every member with BTS's Rap Monster and Jungkook, Suga and Jimin, J Hope and V units photos followed by the group photo and Jin's individual photo. 

BTS has stated that their second full length album "WINGS" will talk about the conflicts and growth of youths as they face temptation and they are receiving enthusiastic responses even before their comeback. The album will release on coming 10th.

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Response +368

1. BTS second full length album wings, let's hit daebak! +595 -43

2. Wings♥ This concept needs heart attack warning... +505 -37

3. I couldn't breathe when I saw the side profile of V when he's lying down... +510 -50

4. I'm curious what kind of song they'll bring +455 -40

5. V and Suga look great in the photos +439 -53

6. BTS's album has always been high quality and the songs were amazing... but I think there's just a handful of albums that gives you the vibe "I'm going to hit daebak" ㅋㅋㅋ this is so true. It's going to be weird if it doesn't +159 -7

7. Conflict and growth of youths who face temptation... I wonder how they'll express this through their music ㅇㅅㅇ +142 -10

8. Kyaaa seriously ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I'm looking forward to the comeback +137 -10

9. I really loved the previous album. I hope they hit daebak this time too! BTS, I support you +121 -6

10. We trust every performance by BTS +133 -11

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