[Article] 161005 BTS is #1 on Japan Tower Records' Monthly Chart for the month of September... first time since their debut

Group BTS won the No. 1 spot on Japan Tower Records' Monthly Chart.

On 4th, Tower Records revealed the "Monthly album chart of Tower Records' for the month of September" and announced that BTS's second Japanese full length album "YOUTH" won the first place.

This is BTS's first time winning #1 on Tower Records' Monthly Chart since their official debut in Japan in 2014. Tower Records is largest record shop in Japan and on September 7th which was also the day "YOUTH" was released, it  topped Tower Records' Daily Chart and ranked #1 on Weekly chart too.

As of October 19th Oricon Chart, BTS was the first foreign hip hop artist to rank #1 on Weekly Album Chart. BTS has dominated Tower Records' Monthly Chart as well and this once again proves the group's popularity in Japan.

The album contains songs from special album "HYYH Young Forever" which was released last May in Korea. Japanese version of the title track "FIRE", "FOR YOU", "I NEED U" and "RUN" which won the first place on Oricon Single Daily Charts, a brand new song for the album "Wishing on a star" and 13 other songs.

BTS is planning to make a comeback in Korea this 10th with second full album "WINGS".

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1. I knew BTS would achieve something big. Love you +121 -10

2. I hope Wings do well next week!! I'm anticipating!! +115 -9

3. Wow I love you, BTS. Let's hit daebak +94 -7

4. As expected, BTS♡♡♡♡ +90 -8

5. Woah ㅋㅋㅋㅋ seriously there's nothing they can't do... they do really well on Korean music charts. They're dominating Japan's large music market... (shivers) And this is a Monthly chart. This explains BTS's popularity +28 -1

6. Congrats BTS!!! +27 -1

7. Congrats. Let's continue this good vibe and hit daebak with the full album! +23 -0

8. I'm proud of you. Seriously let's hit daebak with the second full album!! +22 -0

9. BTS, I'm supporting your upcoming album! I'm cheering for you +23 -1

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