[Article] 161006 BTS reveals the tracklist of "WINGS"... solo track for each member

Group BTS revealed the tracklist of their second full album "WINGS" which contains a solo track for every member.

On 6th at 12AM KST, BTS revealed the tracklist image on their official SNS account.

In the revealed image, it contained the intro song "Intro: Boy Meets Evil" which was revealed to us on their comeback trailer video, "Blood Sweat Tears", and other tracks. The list contained total of 15 songs.

This album contains solo tracks for every member and this is the first time since BTS's debut so it's gaining great attention.

7 solo tracks including "Begin", "Lie", "First Love" , "MAMA" are identical to the previously released short films.

Each solo tracks were previously revealed as the theme song for every short film, helping us to assume the mood of their upcoming full length album.

BTS is releasing their second full album "WING"S this coming 10th.

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1. This is crazy... I just wished the members to have a solo track but I never thought it would happen.. so each solo track had its teaser... 8ㅁ8 They'll giving us a reason to really enjoy our life to the fullest ㅠㅠ +375 -28

2. Wow the tracklist that came out today? I just came here after reading that and it was just mindblowing... 15 songs including solo tracks... Honestly I think BTS is not just a trend group. I think it's time for them to solidify their position as a top idol group. Their fandom has increased and the artist's quality is increasing tremendously. As expected, BTS is an artist we trust listening to  +389 -38

3. BTS let's hit daebak♥♥♥♥ +311 -20

4. Solo tracks ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I'll enjoy them +271 -12

5. WINGS, let's hit daebak!! I'm looking forward to October 10th +254 -13

6. It's not Outro but Interlude so this means that this album is not the end of WINGS too. Amasing... +68 -3

7. Wow solo tracks... never thought this would happen for real... I wonder how hard they would have practiced ㅠㅠ I want to listen soon. BTS fighting!! +62 -2

8. Solo tracks for real???????? You mean solo tracks???????? heolll +59 -2

9. I hope this album flies like the title!!! BTS really works hard all the time and they really care about their fans... thank you +60 -3

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