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After their school trilogy and 2 part youth series, boy group BTS is releasing their second full album "WINGS".  The album is set to release on coming 10th and they unveiled the tracklist on 6th 12AM. The fact that this tracklist contains solo track for every member is drawing our attention.

BTS debuted in 2013 June with "2 COOL 4 SKOOL" and in just 3 years they grew up as one of the top idols. Last May the group performed at Olympic Gymnastic Stadium where it was packed with their fans. They are now receiving attention from countries like Japan and USA.

BTS solidified their position as a boy group in just 3 years and they finally got the chance to include their first solo tracks. They are determined to show the colors of individual member after establishing their team to the general public. It looks like they can put their individual colors under the roof of BTS.

Previously, BTS rapper Rap Monster and Suga had released their mixtapes. Rap Monster and Suga have been creating music as rappers before debuting as BTS members so they talked about their personal and musical thirst through their mixtape. It wasn't an album by BTS Rap Monster or BTS Suga, instead it was their own album.

However, this time it's different. 7 out of 15 songs in their album are solo tracks so it looks like the group is going to balance the entire album with the colors of each member. 

Ever since BTS announced their comeback they have revealed a trailer video for every member. This individual trailer video was a hint. The theme song played in the short film hinted us about the vibe of each solo track.

 BTS received heated responses even during their short promotion of "HYYH Young Forever" and we are anticipating to see how BTS is going to impress us with their second full album "WINGS" which will be releasing on coming 10th.

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1. Heol I'm so happy. What do I do ㅜㅜㅜ +302 -2

2. BTS let's hit daebak! Wings fighting!! +243 -2

3. This is really making my heart pound ahhhh I'm really anticipating and I know it's going to be beyond my expectation so 10th is going to be an overwhelming day for me ㅎㅎ +242 -2

4. They are the album-idol I trust listening to~~ Wings let's hit daebak! Fighting!! +227 -2

5. This is awesome!! Looking forward to it!! +217 -2

6. 7 solo tracks. I think they are really amazing. Bangtan let's fly high~~ I'm really looking forward +49 -0

7. I think Bangtan deserves to win this year's Daesang +47 -0

8. I'm only waiting for October 10th ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +48 -0

9. Wow come to think of it, solo songs of every member... I think each short film was perfect for the member who appeared in the video... seriously I loved all the short films!! let's wait for 4 days ㅠㅠ +47 -0

10.  BTS! Let's hit daebak with second full album +45 -0

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