[Article] 161007 BTS reveals MV teaser for title track "Blood Sweat & Tears"

Group BTS revealed MV teaser for "Blood Sweat & Tears", title track of their second full length album "WINGS" on 7th 12AM KST on their official homepage and SNS.

The video began with BTS sitting on a sofa in a dark room. The chandelier and luxurious furniture created mysterious mood like a castle in Europe during the middle age.

Lines of "Blood Sweat & Tears" like "Please kill be softly", "Please close my eyes with your hand" were unveiled to us and the video captured the members either covering their eyes or flying in the air. BTS in luxurious suits was unlike their previous concepts and this displayed a different charm of the group.

"Blood Sweat & Tears" is a Moonmbahton Trap genre song which has been gaining great popularity in the recent global pop market. BTS focused in highlighting more soft and sexy charms rather than the fierce and powerful image they've been showing us so far. The teaser video contained about 10 seconds of the original track and this is making the fans anticipate for the release.

BTS will be releasing their second full length album "WINGS" and the music video of their title track "Blood Sweat & Tears" on this 10th.

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