[Article] 161007 BTS's second full album hits 500,000 in preorder, increase in 70% in just 5 months

Trend group BTS's second full album "WINGS" hits 500,000 in preorder. 

On September 28th, BTS began the  preorder for their second full album "WINGS" and after 7 days, on October 5th they reached 500,000 in preorder.

This is 3 times the presale record reached by "HYYH pt 2" (150,000 copies) which was released last November. In just a year BTS has grown rapidly and this helps us understand their power.

Moreover, 200,000 more copies were ordered compared to their special album "HYYH Young Forever" which recorded 300,000 preorder last May. In just 5 months their  preorder has increased by 70% and the group has made a great record.

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Translated by PEACHISODA

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