[Article] 161008 BTS, how much did they grow? [BTS Comeback①]

Group BTS is going to comeback. With a stronger image.  They are popular in Korea and globally so the news of BTS's comeback itself attracted attention and since this is their second full album BTS put their hearts and souls into the album.

BTS who has expressed the unstable and beauty of youths through their "HYYH" series will be returning to express the growth and conflicts of youths who are faced with temptation in "WINGS".  While we are expecting the group to reach the peak of storytelling music, we're more looking forward to music in BTS's second full album as they have grown rapidly during their 4 years since debut.

# Their first solo tracks for 7 members since their debut

The first point that attracts us is the solo tracks of BTS members. BTS included solo tracks of every member in their upcoming album. First time since their debut. "Begin", "Lie", "First Love", "MAMA", and others are identical to the titles of the previously released short films of each member.

BTS has their own musical colors but by including members' solo track, it makes this album more musically unrestricted. Since the group is solidifying their position as a group that makes great music, it looks like the members could appeal to the listeners with their own solo tracks. Originally, the group's songs were produced mainly by the rapper line (Rap Monster, Suga, J Hope) then during their HYYH series the vocal members (Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook) participated in producing their album. We could discover the growth of each member by their upcoming solo tracks.

Bighit Entertainment stated, "The solo tracks really carries each member's individual concept, their musical taste and their strength.", increasing our anticipation for their album.

# Peerless storytelling group

BTS selected school trilogy for their debut, later selecting HYYH as their album concept. BTS drew their own musical world by picking the subject and album concept they can talk about well during the right times. Members wrote their own songs and produced their albums to create and establish the best BTS-esque music identity and they built a stronger story with their series album. After BTS's attempt, other groups have followed this series album concept and it's now one of the trend in the K-Pop industry.

After going through the school trilogy and HYYH series, BTS now holds an unchallenged position as a storytelling group. They put on the unstable image of youth and they captured the energy of youths. This time the group expresses the conflict and growth of youths who are faced with temptation, fusing the classic literature "Demian" into their music. They are ready to make unique challenges.

# Greatest scale

BTS increased our expectation for their comeback by revealing 7 short films before their comeback. These short films contained the solo tracks of each member and the films boasted blockbuster like scale and high quality. This was a hint of a magnificent comeback and it created reasons for us to pay more attention to BTS's comeback.

Although BTS's short films were just 2~3 minutes long, these videos had both cinematic and theatrical elements and this unique nature highlighted the contents. We can assume the scale of BTS's second full album just by watching the well made short films.

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1. Thank you. I was waiting for this. Let's hit daebak with this full album! +34 -0

2. BTS showed us that if the artists work hard like them, even a small company can succeed. They created the success story by themselves +33 -0

3. I agree about the peerless storytelling part. They even make us read books!!! +12 -0

4. Second full album WINGS, let's hit daebak +16 -0

5. I'm impressed by the members taking part in producing their album. I hope BTS continues to show us better performance +12 -0

6. Peerless concept plus BTS's effort makes them a group you can't hate.. ♥  I know that their album's going to be good and I'm waiting for it♥  +6 -0

7. Once you learn about them, you just can't dislike this group +4 -0

8. Seriously where can we find a group like them? They're the first idol group I'm following and they continue to amaze me. They care so much about their fans and their greed for music is endless. And they find a way to make their dreams come true. Seriously I wasn't a fan since BTS's debut but I really want to be your fan until the end. I will support you guys during the second full album promotion. +3 -0

8. ah.... greatest scale ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

9. I'm so happy that they're BTS ♥  

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