[Article] 161008 How did BTS build their fandom? [BTS Comeback②]

They're in their 4th year of debut. This is their second full length album. Group BTS is a team who have been running only on one path. Fans naturally joined them in the journey and by working together they became more closer and their relation grew stronger. This could explain why fandom "ARMY" is more cohesive and larger than any other fandoms. 

BTS built sympathy by talking about the reality in the eyes of same age groups ever since their debut. The things they wanted to shout out to the world were spoken through their music and they received support and responses. They accomplished hip hop genre in their own style and found their own trendy and refined colors and this is worth noticing.

The fact that their music carries message makes them more attractive. During their predebut days they criticized how schools have now turned into a microcosm of cold society when  it should be a place of education. They sang for the peers to not bow in front of reality and hoping them to stay strong without acting like cowards. (Mixtape "School of Tears")

As the group grew up, they sang about their current situation. In "HYYH pt 1" which released last April, they sang about the boy's transition to adulthood and won high sympathy from peers. The songs captured the story of youths growing up in the real society away from school. Their follow up song "Dope" displayed their confidence and they justified about their efforts.  They even criticized and called the society and the older generation who accused and condemned them of having no willpower and not trying their best as "Enemys".

In the album "HYYH pt 2" which was released on the same year November, they sang about the youth's earnestness as he runs for his love in "RUN". They sent out the message to "find your identity" in "FIRE" from "HYYH Young Forever" which released this May. 

Their fans who have been watching the group's growth cohered stronger. BTS grew up as young men who can now sing about "youth" from their early teenage image and the fandom that has been watching and supporting the group during this process has become stronger and their bond with the artist is stronger too. BTS was able to achieve 150,000 preorder in just 3 years and their fans from Asia, Europe, North America, South America made it possible for the group to hold world tour for 11 months and to experience global popularity. 

This upcoming full album contains 15 songs. Their second full album "WINGS" which will release on coming 10th has 15 songs in total including "Intro: Boy Meets Evil". 

In just 3 years since their debut, it's impressive that solo track of all members will be included in the album. . "Begin", "Lie", "First Love", "MAMA", and others are identical to the titles of the previously released short films of each member.

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1. BTS didn't do well from the beginning. They were able to reach where they are today by making many efforts so they only have to walk on flower road from now on +1586 +257

2. ❤BTS let's succeed during this promotion❤ +1188 -219

3. BTS so cool. You guys are really cool +1126 210

4. Bangtan, let's hit daebak with this album Love you +1089 -216

5. I think buidling this amazing fandom was possible because they are BTS +1043 -235

6. I can feel that they've grown a lot when I see the interest and hate they receive~ In their 1st and 2nd year they didn't get any hateful comments like now. The haters say they hate BTS and they slander them but their action proves that they are interested in them and their eyes are on Bangtan ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +225 -22

7. BTS somehow feels like a manga that talks about growth of youths ㅠ they show us that you will be rewarded when you make efforts ㅠㅅㅠ  How they think about their fans and the way they talk is just really really sweet ㅠ I hope BTS will fly higher and higher ㅠㅠ +237 -31

8. I don't know why but it's so good to be a fan of BTS ㅋㅋㅋ they upload videos often too so there are many things to watch~ +228 -28

9. They constantly try hard and its shown in their talent so I think their fandom can't help but grow bigger. Let's hit daebak second full album WINGS!! +217 -25

10. Their fans aren't just teenagers and 20s ㅋ They have the power to win our hearts ㅋ +269 -43

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