[Article] 161010 The 3 great signs felt by BTS

BTS made their comeback. On 10th 12AM they swept domestic and international music charts with "WINGS" and we listened to their thoughts on making a successful return.

# How do you feel about your comeback?

Rap Monster: "This time we captured the story of youth meeting temptation. I think the phrase "Boy meets temptation" really represents our concept well."

Jungkook: "We are ready to soar up with "WINGS"."

# The 3 great signs of daebak felt but BTS members

Suga: "While working on my solo track I recorded it by myself but I had to re-record it again because the file got corrupted. I positively thought that such file damage without a cause is a sign that our album is going to hit daebak."

Jungkook: "The two incidents happened while we were recording. After getting the OK sign after recording my entire part got corrupted so I had to re-record the song. And the other time, my voice started to play in the part that wasn't recorded and I thought "Is this the famous sign of daebak people talk about?"."

Rap Monster: "We heard that we are the first Kpop boy group to enter the Billboard main chart with 3 consecutive albums. We are really looking forward to this promotion too. We gain confidence when we see our album climbing the ranks whenever we release a new one so we believe we could break the record."

# Bang Sihyuk's different reaction

Jungkook: "When we used to get called by Bang PD during our early debut dates, it felt like we were being called by the principal. We were uneasy and uncomfortable. These days he buys us meals whenever he's free and he looks at each one of us as an artist so I'm really grateful. I hope you will continue to look at us lovingly. Bang PD, I love you. (makes hand hearts)"

# 4 things they really want to achieve with "Blood Sweat & Tears"

V: "We really hope we could receive lots of love with this album. We also want to win the first place on music shows. Thirdly, we hope we could enter top 100 in Billboard chart. And lastly, we wish we could win Daesang  at the end-of-year music awards!"

# Plans for your promotion

Jimin: "Firstly, we think we will be able to show you our performance on music programs. And we're preparing for our November fanmeeting. Also, in December V's drama "Hwarang: The beginning" is scheduled to broadcast. Moreover, we're waiting for the end of the year music awards so I hope you will anticipate our performance."

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