[Article] 161010 The 5 intense sexy points of BTS's "Blood Sweat Tears" MV

[must make gif]
The 5 intense sexy points of BTS's "Blood Sweat Tears" MV

BTS's "Blood Sweat & Tears" MV is too good for 1 time view.

We tried creating the 5 intensely sexy points to "gif"

1:16 Jimin

Jimin is the center dancer during the opening group dance.
He caught our attention with his fierce yet dreamy eyes.

2:29 Jungkook

Jungkook's visual has upgraded.
His dance is amazing too but we can't miss his smile captured during the one-shots.

2:58 Suga

He makes a drinking motion while singing to "I swallowed the Holy Grail even when I knew it was poisonous" 
His wave is quite addictive

5:22 Jin

The kiss scene with a statue with wings.
The scene of him kissing the statue after approaching it gradually really brings out the elegance from him. Must GIF!

5:20 V

V turns into a sexy yet menacing angel without his wings
We're anticipating to hear the hidden story behind his smile.

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