[Article] 161010 BTS "WINGS" dominates Melon and other music charts...

Group BTS takes over the charts with their comeback.

Songs from BTS's second full album which released on 10th, including their title track "Blood Sweat & Tears" took over 8 major music sites' real time charts in just 6 hours. At 6AM, No.1~No.10 spots on Melon, Naver Music, Soribada and other major music sites charts were filled by BTS's latest tracks. No. 1~No. 4, No. 6~ No. 8 and No. 10 on Genie's realtime chart were secured by BTS's new songs. Mnet.com No. 1, No. 5~No.10, Olleh Music No. 1, No. 3~4, No. 7, No. 9~10 were taken over by BTS. BTS didn't make it on Bugs and Monkey3 but this is merely a question of time. No. 2~10 spots are taken over by BTS and No. 2~3, No.7~9 on Monkey3 are filled by BTS's name.

It looks like their fandom's destructive power and the musical  achievements built by BTS have been exploded in just few hours. BTS announced solo tracks of 7 members before the release and these tracks also achieved high places in the chart and this speaks for the fans who listen to their music.

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