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[Location] BTS's second full album <WINGS> showcase

BTS's growth is astonishing. Their second full album <WINGS> released today (10th) and the album recorded 500,000 pre-order on 5th. The pre-sale began on 28th last month and they reached the record in 7 days. Their <HYYH pt2> which released last year November recorded 150,000 pre-order so their pre-order has increased by more than 3 times. It's obvious that the size of their fandom has grown from the number of albums purchased by them and BTS swept No.1 spots on major music sites with the title track "Blood Sweat & Tears" as soon as they released their second full album on 10th 12AM KST. We attended BTS's <WINGS> Showcase which was held in the morning of the same day at Lotte Hotel Seoul.

Idols who made their fans read classic literature?... Growth novel <Demian> as the motive

▲ Please try following BTS Jimin - J Hope! Their second full album <WINGS> captures the story of the growth and conflicts experienced by youths as they encounter temptation.

Leader Rap Monster was an eloquent speaker. He fluently explained the philosophical meanings they borrowed from the book <Demian> and the musical attempts of their second full album. Rap Monster began, "We're back with a full length album in 2 years" and continued explaining, "Our previous HYYH series talked about the pain and beauty of youths but our new album holds the story of a boy who meets temptation.".

"During our lives, all of us meet great and small temptations but I think it's hard for us to decide when the temptation is irresistible. In this album we interpreted this process of conflict as the growth of these youths. We express how they grow up through the conflicts caused by the outside world and other people. " (Rap Monster)

It feels refreshing to see a little philosophical story in an idol's album. Rap Monster explained the motive they gained from Hermann Hesse's novel <Demian>. Rap Monster explained, "We did lots of research from the planning stage of <WINGS> and we thought that various objet elements from the famous growth novel <Demian> really fitted the concept we had in our minds so we decided to borrow this novel." . He continued, "Many devices like painting and statues in our music video hints depravity, temptation and growth. These things appeared in <Demian>,". Rap Monster revealed that he re-read the book <Demian> which he had read during his childhood while they prepared for the new album. He said, "It felt different to read the book after growing up" and hoped "We hope this would create an opportunity for many fans to read classic literature.".

Their album title <WINGS> represents the meaning of flying high freely with wings on even when one is faced with difficulties and this also represents "growth". Their title track "Blood Sweat & Tears"can be understood in the same context. The song explains the youth's confusion as he stands in front of an irresistible temptation and self development he gains during this process. The song talks about the story of facing conflicts caused by the outside world and blood, sweat and tears represents "everything of me". Songs like "RUN", "FIRE" showed fierce image of BTS so it's drawing our attention since their new song is quite different from their previous image. Their new title track is softer than their previous song but it has more sexy and speculative vibes. Their outfits are more luxurious. However their powerful perfect in sync group choreography stays unchanged. Their latest album contains 15 songs in total including solo tracks for each member and this makes the album unique.

Fandom has grown bigger, what is the reason behind BTS's undying popularity?

▲  BTS Rap Monster, leader's smile. Leader Rap Monster smiled brightly during the showcase day.

▲  BTS Jin, his seductive flying kiss. Jin is posing a unique pose.

▲  BTS Jimin, smile of Autumn boy. Jimin looked calm.

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