[Article] 161010 There were reasons behind BTS's undying popularity (2)

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Their new album recorded 500,000 copies in sales during pre-order. The response received by this album is extraordinary.Reporters questioned the reason behind their rapid growth in popularity, how they were able to expand the base of their fandom including elementary fans and what was their secret in gaining incredible amount of support internationally. BTS members shared their thoughts.

Suga said, "We think our album sales increased because the number of fans who love us has increased too.". J Hope confessed, "This time our songs lined up in the charts and that was the moment when I realized the increase in our popularity.". The members also revealed that they interact with international fans through SNS and they started that they believe SNS is a good method to stay close with international fans. Jimin said, "I also believe that performing in other countries is another way of communicating with them.". He continued, "I've seen some fans who looked unhappy during the beginning of our concert but I saw them smiling when they were leaving after the concert.", he also continued the episode and said, "I feel very happy when I see fans like them.". The members don't speak fluent foreign languages but they said they can feel that it's possible to connect through minds.

The members also answered the secret behind building a fandom with various age groups including "elementary fans". Suga said, "When we first made our debut, many people didn't expect much from us." and continued, "I think doing a story like "school trilogy" which can be only done by us was effective.". When they were asked about the direction they'll be heading to in the future, Rap Monster replied.

"Actually, we do worry about the fact that we'll no longer be boys in 3~4 years. However, we live in the same generation with the public so we believe that we should bring out the stories that is inside us as well as faced by us in whatever possible ways. We think many people will continue to watch us if we talk about the concerns we're face right now at this age and if we think about what story we should be talking about now." (Rap Monster)

When member V who will be appearing on drama <Hwarang: The Beginning> which will be aired by KBS 2TV this December was asked about their goals for this promotion he said, "I hope our album receives lots of love and I hope we would win 1st place on music shows. And I also wish to enter the Billboard chart.". Lastly, Rap Monster stated, "We hope we could be BTS who listeners trust listening to the entire album and not just our title track. We would be happy to make the listeners happy but it would be nicer if we could show someone a better values.".

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1. I'm just proud of them +156 -4

2. Please look at our pretty boys with kind eyes! They're sweet and they only think about their fans! I wish WINGS to succeed! +120 -4

3. I hope BTS continues to grow in the future +106 -2

4. This album is extraordinary. BTS, great job ㅜㅜ WINGS, let's hit daebak. Kim Namjoon Kim Seokjin Min Yoongi Jung Hoseok Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Jeon Jungkook FIGHTING +101 -5

5. aww~~ they all speak so well too~~ their songs are meaningful because they have values~~ anyway let's hit daebak♡♡♡ +87 -3

6. I'm surprised to see their continuous growth. But you will understand why when you listen to the songs in their album +38 -3

7. Seriously I listen to all songs in BTS's album. They're so good +29 -2

8. Well done ㅠㅠ WINGS will do well I'm sure ㅠㅠ Kim Namjoon Kim Seokjin Min Yoongi Jung Hoseok Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Jeon Jungkook FIGHTING  +25 -1

9. You guys are doing well. I can feel more success in this album compared to before +23 -1

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