[Article] 161012 BTS is highly praised by powerful US medias. "The comeback of the greatest level"

Strong US medias including Billboard, Fuse TV and iheartradio shared their detailed review and praised highly of BTS's second full album "WINGS".

(I will not translate the article because it's basically the translation of the original English articles)

Original article here
Response +668

1. I feel proud and happy when I read articles like this~ I hope you will continue to shine brighter with good songs and good performance! BTS, I support you. +1309 -260

2. I'm very grateful to be with them together in this moment. Let's fly higher ㅜ +959 -178

3. You are so cool. I don't only like you as an idol. I respect the group as people ㅎㅎ I hope you soar high with the wings just like your album title  +1055 -223

4. I'm a guy so I'm not really into BTS but this is something great, right? Why can't you just leave them alone without attacking them ㅋㅋ You can just praise them when they do something well +1120 -262

5. Look at the crooked minds of some Koreans. You can't just support them for doing well in other countries, instead you leave hateful comments from morning with your twisted minds because you can't stand the success of other people. This is why foreigners call us irony Koreans. Why can't you just look at them with kind heart? This is frustrating +1093 -256

6. They're not even from a big company so it's really amazing to see them grow steadily.. I support you~ +372 -42

7. I've always felt this but I think they're a group that grows rapidly at a scary speed! You are so cool. I support you! +329 -31

8. BTS who looks at a bigger picture! Cool +280 -20

9. The songs from their latest album are really good that I'd like to recommend them to others. I hope more people listen to their music. Of course, BTS is a group with amazing performance so I'm really looking forward to their stage ^^ I hope people from other countries listen to their songs a lot too +310 -31

10. In Korea people ignore and don't pay attention to idols. But because BTS took a step at a time to reach here, I really can't talk bad about them. +280 -21

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