[Article] 161012 BTS is No.1 on iTunes Top Album Chart with "WINGS"... They are the first K POP artist

Idol group BTS's second full album "WINGS" ranked No.1 on iTunes Top Album Chart.

According to the Top Album Chart released by US iTunes on 11th (KST), BTS's new album "WINGS" topped the chart.

BTS is the first Kpop artist to win the first place with their full album on iTunes Top Album chart. There had been cases of Korean artists ranking No.1 on Kpop genre charts in US iTunes but this is the first time for a Kpop artist to win the 1st place in Top Album Chart with their full length album.

BTS also successfully lined up their entire tracklist of their album from 1st to 15th place on US Apple Music Kpop Genre Top Song Chart which is based on streaming.

BTS achieved meaningful results on iTunes, Apple Music and other international charts and this is increasing our expectation for their future achievements.

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